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Accelerated BA/MA

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Accelerated BA/MA

The Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in International Studies is an accelerated program designed for exceptional students to earn both the BA and MA in International Studies in 5 years of study.  National Merit Scholars are the ideal candidates for a 5-year accelerated BA/MA program, although the program is open to all OU students who qualify.

Application Procedure

Applications are due by the spring of the sophomore year or fall of the junior year.
Application materials include:

  • Application form
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose (1-2 pages)
  • Official Transcript

Application Requirements

  • Students must have a minimum 3.5 overall GPA for admission
  • Students are expected to apply to the BA/MA accelerated program no later than the first semester of their junior year, although application by the second semester of the sophomore year is preferred.

Application deadlines

  • February 15 for fall admission
  • October 15 for spring admission

Send application materials to:

The Department of International and Area Studies
BA/MA Applications
729 Elm Ave. Room 304
Norman, OK 73019

General Requirements

See checksheet for more rules, regulations and minimum requirements.

TOTAL HOURS: A minimum of 146 semester hours acceptable toward graduation must be completed.

DOUBLE MAJORS AND MINORS: Only in rare and exceptional cases are BA/MA students allowed to add a second undergraduate major with another department. One minor program, either within or outside IAS, is allowed. For exceptions to these rules, BA/MA students must petition the SIAS Director of Graduate Studies and the Graduate Studies Committee. If a BA/MA student is granted permission to add a second undergraduate major, it must be within a department in the College of Arts and Sciences. Entering a second undergraduate program in another College will require the completion of a dual-degree rather than a double major, and will require an additional 30 credit hours.

BA/MA Checksheet
Sample course plan