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Arabic Flagship Program

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Arabic Flagship Program

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What is the Flagship Program?

The University of Oklahoma is proud to host one of only seven Arabic Flagship Programs in the country. The Flagship program represents a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to achieve superior fluency in Arabic by the time they finish their degree of choice. The program offers an innovative five-year curriculum, with a mission to create the next generation of global professionals who possess dual strengths in the Arabic language and a deep understanding of the many cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. 


Why Study Arabic at OU?

The fifth most spoken language in the world, Arabic is the native language of 300 million people across the Middle East and North Africa. Classical Arabic is also used daily as the liturgical language of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims. 

In an increasingly globalized world, proficiency in a language like Arabic is an invaluable asset to any student. No matter what you choose to study, learning Arabic will enrich your resume, provide you with sought-after intercultural competency, and open the door to a wider variety of career opportunities. Graduates of our program go on to pursue careers in government, nonprofits, education, business, and law.


Life as a Flagship Student

Your everyday experience in the OU Arabic Flagship Program includes access to excellent faculty, classmates studying a variety of majors, tutoring help from dedicated native speakers, as well as weekly events and cultural clubs.

In addition to their regular coursework, Flagship students have the option to spend a summer at an immersive language program in the United States. Upon successful completion of third-year Arabic courses, students may also apply to spend a summer abroad at our study center in Morocco. Scholarships are available to offset the cost of these off-campus opportunities. 

The fifth capstone year of the program is spent abroad in Morocco. This program includes frequent excursions throughout the country, direct enrollment in a Moroccan university, and an internship with a local organization or business. Every year, our students successfully apply for prestigious awards, including the Boren Scholarship, to fund their study abroad.