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Arabic Flagship Program

The University of Oklahoma Arabic Flagship Program is an undergraduate program designed for learners of Arabic who seek to achieve superior language and cultural proficiency while pursuing degrees in the academic majors of their choice. The program offers an innovative five-year curriculum with a mission to create the next generation of global professionals who possess dual strengths in the Arabic language and a deep understanding of the many cultures of the Middle East.

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Prospective Students and Eligibility

Prospective students are strong academic achievers pursuing a variety of majors, including Arabic, business, engineering, history, health sciences, international and area studies, journalism, political science, pre-law, and pre-med. Click here for a road map explaining the steps required to complete the Arabic Flagship Program.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a full-time OU student who has completed at least one semester of Arabic
  • Maintain a "B" or better in all Arabic classes
  • Maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA* 
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Demonstrate a commitment to completing the program, including the capstone (5th) year abroad
  • Consider Arabic a long-term, personal goal
*Exceptions and accommodations to this requirement may be made contingent upon discussion with program staff and application review 
Flagship student Amanda Tomlinson practicing calligraphy

Extracurricular Opportunities

In order to provide students with opportunities to use Arabic outside of the classroom and bolster classroom learning, Flagship offers extracurricular language activities on campus:

  • A wide variety of cultural clubs
  • Roundtable meetings with engaging discussions and guest speakers
  • Tutoring five days per week
  • One-on-one language partnerships with native speakers
  • Access to the Language Learning Center and the Arabic Flagship library
For a more extensive list of resources, please click on the Resources tab. To view the semester's scheduled events, please click the Events tab.
Flagship students studying on the capstone year in Morocco

Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

Students in the Arabic Flagship Program may be eligible for Flagship funding to join one state-side immersion program and two study abroad programs in the Arab world. After completing their first or second year of Arabic at OU, students are eligible to apply for a 10-week summer program. After completing their fourth year at OU, students are eligible to apply for a year-long program.  Click on the links for additional information on scholarships and other study abroad opportunities.

Senior Arabic Flagship students selected to participate in the 2016-2017 capstone year abroad

Capstone Year Abroad

The capstone year is the final step to becoming a certified Language Flagship Global Professional.  After approximately 4 years of Arabic at OU, students should be at high proficiency level of language and will apply to spend 12 months in Meknes, Morocco.  Through this final year of language and culture immersion, students are expected to reach Superior/3 language proficiency according to the ACTFL/ILR scale.  

To learn more details about the capstone year, go to Road Map and scroll down to Year 5.

Picture of a street in Meknes, Morocco taken by Flagship student JoAnne Kosta
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