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One Pager Series

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One Pager Series

The OU Brazil Studies Program publishes a One-Pager series, initiated with generous support from the OU Faculty Senate Ed Cline Faculty development award.

The series reports on findings from cutting-edge research on various aspects of Brazilian development in a concise way (one page, two-sided if necessary). The series is open to contributions from scholars from any academic discipline. By maintaining this series, the OU Brazil Studies Program wants to narrow the gap of quality information about Brazil and contribute to a more informed conversation about the past, present, and future of that country among scholars, professionals, and activists based in the Anglo-American world.

Our One Pagers are published in an “open access” format and have been successfully used in classroom settings, in courses about Brazil or comparative studies. For submissions or inquiries, please feel free contact

Available One-Pagers:

  • Issue #5 (pdf), Mass incarceration and violent organized crime: Understanding Brazil's PCC (September 2019)
  • Issue #4 (pdf), Mining dam's regulation in Brazil, 2019: Why more disasters can be expected (August 2019)
  • Issue #3 (pdf), The National Councils and social participation’s retreat in Brazil (July 2019)
  • Issue #2 (pdf), Mobile networks and the Brazilian 2018 presidential election: from technological design to social appropriation (July 2019)
  • Issue #1 (pdf), Depression and inequality in the Brazilian labor market (June 2019)