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Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education

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College of Education

The Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education

The Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education has been working with Sr. Rosemary Nyirumbe and present and former staff of St. Monica’s Vocational School for Girls to establish a school for women in the region of Gulu whose lives have been interrupted by conflict.  A leadership team of faculty, a post-doctoral fellow, and doctoral students has worked collaboratively with the Ugandan teachers to develop an adult literacy and basic primary education program at St. Monica’s built around the curriculum required in Ugandan primary schools but that is learner centered and inquiry based. The mission statement, developed by the onsite teachers states that “The school participates in the empowerment of women through the provision of quality basic education and other life and practical skills which support and enhance their efforts in parenting, contributing to society, and improving their quality of life and the lives of their children.” Graduate and undergraduate students have participated in creating curricular units and culturally appropriate assessment protocols as well as teaching classes in Gulu, tutoring the women, and mentoring teacher on active teaching and learning strategies.