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Global Engagement Certificate

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The Global Engagement Certificate

The University of Oklahoma David L. Boren College of International Studies (CIS) is proud to announce its Global Engagement Undergraduate Certification program. Available to all degree-seeking students, the goal of the Global Engagement Certificate (GEC) is to recognize students who have taken tangible steps to become active global citizens by enhancing their knowledge of modern global issues and engaging with the global community both here in Norman and abroad. The skills, knowledge and experiences evidencing "global engagement" are increasingly important for new graduates and in demand by employers. The transcripted certificate will provide OU graduates a concrete way in which to market their skills in any future academic or professional setting.

For questions, email Associate Dean Rebecca Cruise.

Certificate Requirements

To receive the certificate, students need to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Coursework
    IAS 3910: International Studies Internship: Allows students to get up to three hours of academic credit for participating in an internationally focused internship, in the US or abroad

    IAS 2003: Understanding the Global Community: This three credit hours course seeks to enhance students understanding of the global community and the impact of international relations on our lives and the lives of others around the world.

  2. Education Abroad Program
    Six-Nine credit hours completed in an approved study abroad or international internship program.

  3. Foreign Language
    Three credit hours of a modern foreign language at the 2223 level (intermediate continued). If a student has already obtained this level of proficiency in a relevant language, they may substitute these credits with additional approved International and Areas Studies coursework or study abroad.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Encourages students to become globally engaged by helping them develop a critical understanding of the world beyond their immediate environment.
  • Enhances their knowledge of diverse cultures and contexts.
  • Provides them with the tools to communicate and interact effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds.
  • Develops their ability to operate at a professional level in different cultural and international settings.
  • Allows them to document their experiences and to receive recognition for it.
  • Provides them a tangible and formal way to communicate to future employers that they have completed a global curriculum education.
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Spring 2017

Samuel Madaj
Major: International Security Studies and Japanese

Lucy Mahaffey
Major: International Studies

Andrew Moore (Global Engagement Fellow)
Major: Psychology

December 2017

Ivey Dyson

Major: Law

Daryl Callway

Major: Public Administration

May 2018

Rose Marinaro

Major: Chemical Engineering

Mckenzie Fowler

Major: International Studies

Katherine Voss

Major: Biology

Elena Montes

Major: Computer Science

Jocelyn Adkins

Major: Linguistics

Moriah Hayes

Major: Global Studies

Caroline Shepard

Major: Global Affairs

Holly Crawford

Major:International Business

Erin Donnelly

Major: Professional Writing

Emilee Sullivan

Major: Library Info Studies

Gabrielle Carmichael

Major: Arts and Sci-Planned Program

Michael Balangue

Major: Chemical Engineering

Sean Christiansen

Major: Economics

Allison Dooley

Major: Public Relations

Hannah Asfeldt

Major: Psychology