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New Fulbright Opportunities

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New Fulbright Opportunities

(2019-2020 application cycle)

Award Spotlight:

Uzbekistan-10 ETA Awards

ETA often serve as native speaker resources to remote areas of Uzbekistan and may work with underserved communities. The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent will make all affiliation arrangements. ETAs will complete 20 hours per week of in-classroom assistant teaching, including all class preparation time and additional school-related activities at host institution. ETAs will generally assist in teaching conversational English and some composition to university students and professionals at the host institutions. For an additional five hours per week, ETAs will work extensively with Uzbekistan’s "English for STEM" service providers, as applicable. Under the guidance of PAS, ETAs will also have the opportunity to participate in community outreach and cultural activities, such as directing reading and conversation groups at an American Center, and assisting PAS with a variety of cultural and educational visitors. Experience with either Russian or Uzbek languages recommended, but not required.  

East-Asia Pacific

Hong Kong

•       2 ETA awards


•       National Taiwan Norman University Award in International Human Resource Development (MBA)


•       2 ETA awards



•       Fulbright-Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Awards for Graduate Studies and PhD Research in Science and Technology


•       New Award: Study/Research Award in Archeology/History


•       Fulbright-Harriet Hale Woolley Awards in the Arts

•       Fulbright-Paris Seine University Awards


•       Young Professional Journalist Program: For beginning professional journalists or recent graduates to pursue study, independent research, and an internship or guest journalist position at German newspapers, publishers, or television and radio stations.


•       Fulbright/Delft University of Technology: Industrial Design Engineering Award


•       Fulbright Global and International Studies Masters at Universidad de Salamanca

United Kingdom

•       Fulbright/Bangor University Award

•       Fulbright/Queens University Belfast PhD award in Global Peace, Security and Justice.

Middle East and North Africa


•       2 ETA awards


•       MA Degree Award

Palestinian Territories

•       2 ETA awards

Saudi Arabia

•       2 ETA awards

South and Central Asia


•       ETAs expansion to 5-7 different cities.


•       10 ETA awards

  • Fulbright-Fogarty
  • Fulbright-mtvU
  • The Bangladesh program is suspended for 2019-2020.