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Faculty Affiliates

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Faculty Affiliates

The OU China studies faculty is extremely diverse, covering a wide range of disciplines and departments listed alphabestically below.

Bo Kong
ConocoPhillips Petroleum Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies
Assistant Professor
Dept. of International and Area Studies
Farzaneh Hall, Room 205

Yi Han
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Phone: (405)325-5792
email: han dot yi at ou dot edu
Adams Hall; 307 W. Brooks Suite 200D

Aerospace Engineering
Chang Kuang Hua
Professor Aerospace Engineering
Phone: 405-325-1746
email: khchang at ou dot edu
Office: 201 Felgar Hall; 865 Asp Avenue; Norman, OK 73019-1052

Shen Guoqiang (沈国强)
Academic Director & Associate Professor, Regional & City Planning
202C Carnegie Building; Phone: 405/325-1698; guoqiangs at ou dot edu
(Chinese urban planning and regional development, real estate market, and general US-China issues on business and education)

Art (Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts)
Andrew Phelan, Director Emeritus and Professor
#2240 RPAC; Phone: 405/325-1037; alphelan at ou dot edu
(Art and studio art education; Arts Management, International Programs in the Arts)

Botany and Microbiology
LuoYiqi (骆亦骐)
Professor of Ecology; Changjiang Scholar, Ministry of Education, China
Phone: 405/325-1651; yluo at ou dot edu
(Plant ecophysiology, Ecosystem ecology, Modeling, Biogeochemistry and global carbon cycling, Forest ecology, Grassland ecology)

Zhou Jizhong (Joe) (周际中)
Presidential Professor, Department of Botany and Microbiology;Director, Institute for Environmental Genomics (IEG); Editor for Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Stephenson Research & Technology Center
101 David L. Boren Blvd.; Phone: 405/325-6073; Fax: 405/325-3442; Jzhou at ou dot edu
(Microbial Genomics and Microbial Ecology)

Xiao Xiangming
Professor of Botany
Associate Director Center for Spatial Analysis
Phone: (405) 325-8941 (Office)
Email: xiangming dot xiao at ou dot edu
101 David Boren Blvd.; Norman, OK 73019, USA

Li Jia
Associate Professor of Botany
Phone: (405)325-3176
Email: lij at ou dot edu
Office: George Lynn Cross Hall
770 Van Vleet Oval, Norman, OK 7301

Huang Jie (Lily) , Assistant Professor of Bibliography
Phone: 405/325-4082; lilyh at ou dot edu
(Catalog monographs in several subjects, such as history, philosophy, literature, languages, etc., and in a variety of languages, including Chinese, in both book and non-book formats)

Liu Shaorong
Professor of Chemistry
Phone: (405)325-9013
Email: shaorong dot liu at ou dot edu
Office: SLSRC Room 1190

Mao Chuanbin
Professor of Chemistry
Phone: (405)325-4385
Email: cbmao at ou dot edu
Office: SLSRC Room 3310

Chinese language (Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics)
Qi Yanrong (齐燕蓉) Chinese Instructor, MLL, yqi at ou dot edu

Ching Cheng Wei (魏经澄)
Chinese Instructor, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics;
Kaufman Hall, room 103C; 405/325-4930; cwei at ou dot edu
(Language Learning and the Effect Culture has on Language Learning)

Zhu Ping
Assistant Professor of Chinese
Phone: (405)325-1473
Email: pingzhu at ou dot edu
Office: Kaufman Hall 214

Elaine Hsieh, Assistant Professor
Burton Hall, rm135; Phone: 405/325-3154; ehsieh at ou dot edu
(provider-patient communication, bilingual/cross-cultural health communication, social support and health literacy)

Young Yun Kim Professor of Communication
Phone: (405)325-1587
Email: youngkim at ou dot edu
Office: Burton Hall 132; 610 Elm Avenue, Norman, OK 73019

Computer Science
Cheng Qi (程岐)
Assistant Professor
Phone: 405/325-1017; qcheng at ou dot edu
(theoretical computer science)

Confucius Institute
Gou Sharon (苟学红)Director
1700 Asp Avenue, Suite 202; Phone: 405/325-5101; Fax: 405/325-0860; sgou at ou dot edu
(Chinese language teaching in USA; US-China business training and exchange; Successful Confucius Institute (CI) model)

Changxiao Wang (王长潇), Deputy Director
108 Fourth Street, Buchanan House, Phone: 405/325-1116; cwang at ou dot edu

Ju Jiandong(菊建东)
Associate Professor
Hester Hall, Room 317;  Phone: 405/325-5492; jdju at ou dot edu
(Industrial Organization, International Trade, Economic Theory)

Liu Qihong , Assistant Professor,
Hester Hall, Room 312; Phone: 405/325-5846p; qliu at ou dot edu
(Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics)

Xin Huang (黄欣), Assistant Professor
Hester Hall, Room 313; 405/325-2643; xhuang at ou dot edu
(Econometrics, Financial Economics, Probability and Statistics)

College of Education
Ruan Jiening (阮杰宁)
Associate Professor, Literacy/Reading Education; Director, OU Reading Clinic
Phone: 405/325-1498; jruan at ou dot edu
(Historiography; Cultural and linguistic aspects of literacy development; Computer technology application in reading education)

David Tan, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Center for Student Affairs Research;
Collings Hall, Room 230C; Phone: 405/325-5986; dtan at ou dot edu
(Higher education administration; comparative higher education; strategic planning in higher education; institutional research in higher education; leadership theories and development; college student development; institutional change)

Ge Xun (葛迅)
Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology
Phone: 405/325-8418;  xge at ou dot edu
(instructional design and technology; cognition, motivation, and instruction; online learning communities; multimedia or e-learning)

Doo Hun Lim
Associate Professor of Education
phone: (405) 325-7941
email: dhlim at ou dot edu
office: 820 Van Vleet Oval, Room 215 Norman, OK 73019

Ling Chen (凌晨)
Assistant Professor, School of Industrial Engineering
202 West Boyd, Rm. 124; Phone: 405/325-4185; Fax: 405/325-7555; chenling at ou dot edu
(Human Factors, Cognitive Engineering, and Usability Evaluation)

Gan Rong Zhu (干荣珠)
Professor and Charles E. Foster Chair in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering
School of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering and OU Bioengineering Center
Phone: 405/325-1099; Fax: 405/325-1088; rgan at ou dot edu
(Academic specializations: biomedical engineering, tissue and organ biomechanics, mechanical engineering)

Shi Zhisheng (史智胜)
Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: 405/ 325-4292; Fax: 405/325-7066; shi at ou dot edu
(semiconductor materials, opto-electronic devices and applications)

Yu Tianyou, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: 405/ 325-3344; Fax: 405/325-7066
(atmospheric radar signal processing, radar meteorology)

Xu Yunjun , Assistant Professor, School of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
865 asp avenue, room 218; Phone: 405/325-6797; Yjxu at ou dot edu
(Aerial and space vehicles' guidance, control, and dynamics)

Yang Ruiqing (杨瑞青)
Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
(semiconductor quantum structures and devices, as well as their applications)

Liu Hong
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: (405) 325-4286
Email: liu at ou dot edu
Office: 202 West Boyd St. Room 219, Norman, OK, 73019

Jiang Ning
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Phone: (405)325-0927
Email:jnjiang at ou dot edu
Office: Carson Engineering Center, Room 218

Ding Lei (丁磊 )
Assistant Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bioengineering Center, 110 W. Boyd St., DEH Room 150; 405/325-4577; leiding at ou dot edu

Jonathan C Stalling, Assiatnt professor of English
stalling at OU dot edu
(twentieth-century American poetry and East-West poetics; multi-ethnic American poetry, cultural theory, and Asian American studies)

Film and Media Studies
Man-Fung Yip
Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies
phone: (405) 325-8075
email: myip at ou dot edu
office: Old Science Hall, Room 341; 640 Parrington Oval Norman, OK 73019

Zhou Yi
Assistant Professor in Finance
phone: (405)325-1135
email: Yi.Zhou-2 at ou dot edu
office: 250 Adams Hall; 307 West Brooks Street
Price College of Business, Norman, OK 73019-4004

Geography, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences
May Yuan, Associate Dean, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences; Professor, Department of Geography; Director, Center for Spatial Analysis
Sarkeys Energy Center, Room 618, 100 East Boyd Street; Phone: 405/325-4293; myuan at ou dot edu
(Representation of dynamic geographic phenomena in support of spatio-temporal query, analysis, and modeling)

Geology and Geophysics, School of
G. Randy Keller, Professor of Geophysics & Edward Lamb McCullough Chair
Sarkeys Energy Center, Rm. 726, Phone: 405/325-6697; grkeller at ou dot edu
(Geophysics, Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere from basins to the upper mantle, and Geoinformatics)

Alan Atkinson, Lecturer
Phone: (405)325-6370: aatkinson at ou dot edu
(Chinese art history)

Miriam Gross
see IAS

Garret P. Olberding, Assistant Professor (starting Fall 2007)
golberding at ou dot edu
(Early Chinese oratorical, administrative, penal, and military history, from the Shang to the Jin dynasties )

Elyssa Faison
Associate Professor of Japanese History Adjunct Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies
phone: (405) 325-6002
email: efaison at
office: 455 W. LIndsey, Rm 403a; Norman, OK 73019

History of Science
Peter Barker, Professor
PHSC, rm 617, Phone: 405/325-2242; barkerp at ou dot edu
(History and philosophy of science, especially the history and historiography of the Scientific Revolution and cognitive approaches to conceptual change in science; China)

Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie, Curator of the History of Science Collections, Professor of Bibliography
Phone: 405/325-2741; mogilvie at ou dot edu
(19th- and 20th-century science; history of women in science; modern biological science. Author of A Dame Full of Vim and Vigor: A Biography of Alice Middleton Boring, an American Biologist in China. London: Harwood Academic, 1999.)

International Area Studies (IAS)
Miriam Gross
Assistant Professor CIS and History
Modern Chinese History
phone: (405) 325-5153
email: Mdgross at
office: Hester Hall Room 125; 729 Elm Ave. Norman, OK 73019

Jiyeoun Song
(405) 325-5164
Assistant Professor, Department of International and Area Studies and Political Science
phone: (405) 325-5164
email: at
office: Hester Hall Room 123; 729 Elm Ave. Norman, OK 73019

Management and Information Systems (MIS)
Nan Ning
Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
phone: (405) 325-3213
email: nnan at
office: OU Price College of Business 307 W. Brooks, Suite 307E; Norman, Oklahoma 73019

Zhu Meijun (朱梅俊)
Associate Professor
Phone: 405/325-0492
(Partial Differential Equations and its applications in global geometry and image study)

Wei Shihshu (Walter) (魏诗曙)
Phone: 405/325-2726; wwei at ou dot edu
(Geometry, Analysis, and Chinese philosophy and history)

Ming Xue
Professor; Weathernews Chair; Director, CAPS
phone: (405) 325-6037
office: NWC 2502
120 David L. Boren Blvd. Suite 5900
Norman, OK 73072-7307

Xuguang Wang
Assistant Professor School of Meteorology
phone: (405) 325-3426
office: NWC 5341
120 David L. Boren Blvd. Suite 5900
Norman, OK 73072-7307

Guifu Zhang
Associate Professor, School of Meteorology
phone: (405) 325-3507
email: guzhang1 at
office: NWC 4620; 120 David L. Boren Blvd. Suite 5900; Norman, OK 73072-7307

Amy Olberding, Assistant Professor, SIAS/Philosophy
Dale Hall Tower, rm 614; Phone: 405/325-6324; aoberding at ou dot edu
(Philosophical approaches to human mortality; the ethics of the domestic sphere; philosophical constructions of self and society; her work has appeared in Philosophy East and West and International Philosophical Quarterly, and she has also directed a National Endowment for the Humanities grant project concerning East Asian traditions)

Physics & Astronomy
Wang Yun (王云)
Associate Professor
440W. Brooks St.; Phone: 405/325-3961

Political Science
Jiyeon Song
see IAS

Song Hairong (宋海荣)
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dall Hall Tower 815C; Phone: 405/325-5183; hsong at ou dot edu
(Statistical modeling: Longitudinal models, time series models, and structural equation models)

Zhang Bing (张冰)
Assistant Professor of Zoology.
Richards Hall, room 111.Phone: 405/325-7450. email: bing at ou dot edu (Dr. Zhang and his associates study synaptic transmission and neurological disorders using the fruit fly as a model organism)