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Faculty Development Grants

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Faculty Development Grants

To promote teaching and research about China in the State of Oklahoma, the Institute offers two annual competitive grant opportunities for OU faculty and faculty at other Oklahoma K-16 educational institutions. Applications should be submitted to the Institute no later than APRIL 15. They will be reviewed by the Institute's grants committee, and the winners announced by the end of April. Winners are expected to conduct their research or develop their courses over the following summer. The number and size of the grants will be contingent on the quality of the applications and the Institute's budget, but we anticipate awarding two to three grants of $500 to $2,000 in a typical year.

1. Course development grants
To develop new courses or revise existing courses to enrich the China studies curricula at OU or other Oklahoma K-16 educational institutions.

  • Summer 2008 winner: Jonathan Stalling, OU English Dept., East –West Poetry and Poetics
  • Summer 2009 winner: Todd Sandel, OU Dept. of Communications, Communication in Contemporary Chinese Contexts
  • Summer 2010 winners: Joe Svoboda, Casady School, Chinese Curriculum Guide 1, Chinese Curriculum Guide 2, Chinese Curriculum Guide 3, and Chinese Curriculum Guide 4;
    Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen, Oklahoma Central University, Women's History: China;
    Zhu Ping, OU MLLL 3753, 20th Century Chinese Literature and Culture. Translations of Guo Moruo, "The Grave of Ye Luoti" and Mu Shiying's "A Platinum Statue of the Female Body"
  • Summer 2012 winners: Zhang Jie, OU CHIN 4993 Chinese Capstone Seminar
    Christine Souza, OU MUNM 3413 Music of the Pacific Rim
    Emma Xue, Jenks Public Schools, “Learn Chinese with Emma” video series for OK K-12. Of particular note, see Learn about OU Football in Mandarin Chinese! and Learn about Oklahoma in Mandarin Chinese
    Lindsay Berryhill, Terra Verde Discovery School, Project based learning internship for Taiwan students
  • Summer 2013 winners: LIU Nian, OU CHIN 4003 “Introduction to Chinese Language and Linguistics”
    Emma Xue, Jenks Public Schools, “Learn Chinese with Emma” video series for OK K-12.
  • Summer 2015 winners: Jiang Pengpeng and Zeng Hui, both at Jenks Public Schools, for work on curriculum for Jenks' K-6 immersion Chinese science and math program; and Bo Kong, OU IAS, for “Energy, Environment, and Climate in China”
  • Summer 2016 winners: Sydney Yueh of Northeastern State in Tahlequah will develop a course on popular culture in global China, while Yanrong Qi and Jie Zhang will rewrite OU’s Chinese language placement exams to ensure that students who have background in Chinese are placed in the appropriate level classes.

2. Chinese language research grants
To support research in Chinese on China. Preference will be given to research that utlizes the OU library's new online Chinese language databases. We are particularly interested in interdisciplinary, collaborative research that touches on some aspect of the deeper dynamics of US-China relations.

  • Summer 2009 winner: Ning Yu, OU MLLL & SIAS, “When Conceptual Metaphors Govern Linguistic Expressions: A Textual Analysis”
  • Summer 2010 winner: Xun Ge and Jiening Ruan, OU Education Department, Integrating Information and Communication Technologies in Literacy Education in China.
  • Summer 2011 winners: Mark Frazier (OU SIAS), “Elite politics and social policy debates in China”;
    Maureen Taylor (OU Journalism), “Beyond a dyadic approach to public diplomacy: Understanding
    relationships in multipolar world”. Public Relations Review, 2012.
  • Summer 2012 winners: Zhu Ping, “Virtuality, Nationalism, and Globalization in Zhang's HeroCLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture Vol 15 (2013) No 2;
    Qi Yanrong, “Communicative Skills Achievement in Beginning Chinese”
  • Summer 2014 winners: Jiening Ruan (Rainbolt College of Education), "Introduction: Perspectives on Chinese as a Foreign Language Education," and Jie Zhang (OU MLLL), "Understanding Chinese as a Foreign Language from the Perspective of Second Language Acquisition," both in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: The State of the Field; and Liu Nian (OU MLLL), "Native language effect on number cognition."
  • Summer 2015 winners: Kevin Carrico (OU IAS), research on the 1983 “Anti-Spiritual Pollution Drive” (清除精神污染); and Garett Olberding, “Spiritual Sovereignty: Designing Strategic Borders in Early China”

Application Information
All grants will either be paid as summer salary, and therefore taxed as salary, or treated as tax free reimbursements for demonstrated expenses such as travel. All applications should include a short cv of the applicant(s), as well as a proposal of no more than three pages. The course development grant proposals should specifically include:

  • A description of the course to be developed
  • The importance of the course to the school's curriculum
  • Plans for including the course in the school's curriculum
  • A letter from your department chair indicating a willingness to allow you to regularly teach the course
  • Copy of previous syllabus if this is a proposal for a course revision (if applicable)
  • A list of other courses the applicant teaches (if applicable)

A course syllabus must be submitted to the Institute by the beginning of the Fall semester. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for future Institute awards.

The research grant proposals should include a statement of the research project, an argument for its importance, and a schedule for the summer's research and writing. The paper should be submitted by the beginning of the fall semester. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for future Institute awards.

If you have questions about either of these grant opportunities, please direct them to or 405-325-1346.