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Newman Prize for English Jueju

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Newman Prize for English Jueju

If you like word games, poetry, or both, try your hand at the Newman Prize for English Jueju, sponsored by the Institute for US-China Issues at the University of Oklahoma.

Four $500 prizes will be awarded to Oklahoma K-16 students or classes (Elementary, Middle, High School, and college/adult). Winning English language poems must follow the rules of Classical Chinese Poetry!

In addition to the Newman Prize for Chinese Literature, every two years the Institute for US-China Issues sponsors the Newman Prize for English Jueju, which are awarded to the best Classical Chinese poems written in English following the rules that make Chinese poetry such a rich and complex art form.

Due to the many cultural, artistic, and linguistic elements that enrich this complex form of poetry, we encourage not only English and Chinese classes to participate, but also social studies, history, art, music, drama, as well as AP classes among others. If a collectively written poem is selected as the winner, the class will receive the money instead of an individual student. In either case, 28 words = $500. Submissions can be composed by individual students or collectively by whole classes.

Professor Jonathan Stalling's instructional video above will lead teachers (and ambitious students) through the basic elements of the most famous genre of Classical Chinese poetry, the “jueju.” Professor Stalling is the creator of this genre of English poetry, and will judge the submissions. In addition to the video above, the DOC and PDF files below can be downloaded and printed out for use in the classroom (or at home). Have fun and good luck!





2013 Young Poets

2013 Young Poets
Donovan Helterbrand, Aaliyah Elders, Casey Cai, & Spencer McCoy