During this year's Certamen, our third annual, we had three teams play against each other in a total of four games. Team 1 was composed of Bethany Burklund, Erich Merkel, Caitlin Corbett and Rachel Dowell. Team 2 was composed of Matt Covert, Susan Lemmond and Alan Haberman. Team 3 was composed of Blake Hoss, Scott Moehlenbrock, Robert Wharton and Tanner Hicks.

Teams 1 and 2 went head to head in tight competition in the first game. By the end of the game, Team 1 had accumulated a few more points and claimed a narrow victory.

The second game consisted of Teams 2 and 3. Team 3 provided not only accurate answers to many questions, including a strong lightning round of Persian War questions, but also a great deal of humorous entertainment for a Certamen competition that would have otherwise been more serious. However, Team 2 won the round.

In the third game, Teams 1 and 3 competed. Again, Team 3 lightened the mood, but Team 1 won this round.

Our final game was Team 1 vs. Team 3. The game was close and both teams displayed a great amount of classical knowledge. However, the victor was Team 1, who claimed their win for the tournament.

All of the teams played well, and we are greatful for their participation in our tournament.