Important General Links:

Links to all major archaeological projects being headed by Americans or American institutions world wide. You must check this out!

This is our sister organization on campus. We are the student arm, while the Center for Classical Archaeology and Civilizations is the faculty branch.

Etruscan Archaeology:

This website has not been updated in about one year, but it has a few interesting articles on Etruscan archaeology.

Information on an Etruscan archaeology field school opportunity.

An introduction to the Etruscan people by Giorgio Caponetti.

A web compilation of links to Etruscan sites on the web.

Near East Archaeology:

A guide to information related to the study of the Ancient Near East on the web.

A compilation of sites dealing with Near Eastern archaeology.

The Near Eastern Archaeology Foundation.

Photos of Near East archaeology sites.

Greek Archaeology:

Information about Greek history and culture, as well as past and current archaeology projects.

This super-cool website has a great deal of information on Greek material culture. Very informative and extremely easy to navigate!