Chapter 9
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Later Asian Art : India, China, and Japan
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Jocho. Amida Buddha, Gold leaf and lacquer on wod. Byodo-in, Heinan period, 1053   Album leaf from the Ishiyama-gire. Heinan period. Ink with gold and silver on decoration and collaged paper, early 12th century   Scene from The Tale of Genji. Heinan period. Handscroll, ink and colors on paper, 12th century   Attributed to Kao. Monk Sewing. Kamakura period. Ink on paper, early 14th century   Stone and gravel garden, Ryoan-ji, Kyoto. Muromachi period, 1480  
Kano Eitoku. Fusuma depicting pine and cranes (left) and palm tree (right), Juko-in, Daitoku-ji, Kyoto. Momoyama period. Ink and gold on paper, 1563-73   Katsushika Hokusai. The Great Wave, Edo period, Japan. Polychrome woodblock print on paper, 1831


  Hon'ami Koetsu. Teabowl, called Mount Fuji. Edo period. Raku ware, early 17th century


   Dish,  Edo Period.  Glazed Clay, 17th Century.   Bottle for wine, Edo Period, Glazed Clay, 17th Century.  
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Robe (Silk), EdoPeriod, 18th Century.