Chapter 13
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Baroque and Rococo Art
Diego Velazquez. Las Meninas (The Maids of Honor). Oil on canvas, 1656
  Las Meninas, detail   Anthony van Dyck. Charles I at the Hunt. Oil on canvas, 1635   Rembrandt van Rijn. Self-Portrait. Oil on canvas, 1659.   Rembrandt van Rijn. The Night Watch. Oil on canvas, 1642  
  The Night Watch, detail   Judith Leyster. Self-Portrait. Oil on canvas, 1635   Johannes Vermeer. Woman Pouring Milk. Oil on canvas, 1655-60


  Johannes Vermeer. Woman Holding Balance. Oil on canvas, 1664   Jacob Van Ruisdel Dutch Landscape From the Dune at Overviews, Oil on Canvas, 1670.  
  Germain Boffard. Salon de la Princesse, Hotel de Soubise, Paris. Begun 1732   Johann Balthasar Neumann. Kaisersaal (Imperial Hall), Residenz, Wurzburg, Germany. 1719-44


  Jean-Antoine Watteau. The Piligrimage to Cythera. Oil on canvas, 1717



Jean-Honore Fragonard, The Meeting, Oil on canvas.1771-73.

  Rachel Ruysch. Flower Still Life. Oil on canvas, after 1700  
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