Schemes of decoration in middle-Byzantine Greek monastery churches
(Osios Loukas, Daphni, Nea Mone, Chios)

Subjects represented in mosaic:

AN - Annunciation
NA - Nativity
AM - Adoration of the Magi
PR - Presentation of Christ in the Temple
BA - Baptism
TR - Transfiguration
RL - Raising of Lasarus
EJ - Entry into Jerusalem
BE - Betrayal
WF - Washing of Feet
LS - Last Supper
CR - Crucifixion
DC - Descent from the Cross
AS - Anastasis (Resurrection)
DT - Doubting of Thomas
PE - Pentecost
ASC - Ascension
CP - Christ Pantocrator
VC - Virgin and Child
A - Archangel
P - Prophet
JA - Joachim and Anna (parents of the Virgin)
BV - Birth of the Virgin)
PV - Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
VT - The Virgin in the Temple
DV - Dormition of the Virgin

In each case, the programme is completed by figures of saints.