ARCH 4443 Slides For the Final Review

50's Minimalism

Equitable Building, Portland, OR (1948), 
Pietro Belluschi

Lever House, New York City (1950-51), SOM:
Gordon Bunshaft

Seagram Building, New York City (1954-58),
Mies van der Rohe & Philip Johnson

Federal Center, Chicago IL (1959-74), Post Office: 
Mies van der Rohe

Gateway Center, Pittsburgh, PA : IBM Building (1964)
Curtis & Davis; Westinghouse Building (1968) Harrison & Abramovitz

City Hall, Palo Alto, CA (1970), Edward Durrell Stone

Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY (1960's), Harrison & Abramovitz

"House of Tomorrow", Century of Progress Exhibition, Chicago, IL (1933-34), George F. Keck

Crown Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL (1950-56), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

John Hancock Building, Chicago, IL (1969), SOM

Breakfast House Restaurant, San Diego, CA

Kolb Cleaners, Jackson, Mississippi

Dorton Arena, Raleigh, NC (1950), Matthew Nowicki

Guggenheim Museum, New York City (1943-5, 1956-9), F. L.Wright

Chapel, US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO (1959-63), SOM: Walter Netsch, Jr.

TWA Terminal, Kennedy Airport, New York City (19566-2), Eero Saarinen

Dulles Airport, Chantilly, VA (1958-62),
Eero Saarinen

Marin County Civic Center, Marin, CA (1957-70),
F.L. Wright

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