Sample Progress Report

TO:   David Williams 
FROM:   Team #3 (Carol Jones, Jack Yates, Joan Brown, Karen Smith) 
DATE:     February 13, 2001 
SUBJECT:    Progress On Informational Report 


This memo describes the progress our team has made since our last progress report on February 6, 2001. 

Background: Our team is researching desktop video conferencing technology for Company A. Our informational report to the company's CIO is due March 20, 2001. 

Action Items Completed: In preparation for this assignment, each member of our team was assigned particular tasks and discussed findings on Sunday, February 12. Each member completed research on specific areas of this technology and completed two pages of the rough draft. 

    • Carol: Surveyed users via the Internet, worked on introduction for rough draft, and made appointment with writing center for 7:00 p.m. Monday, April 22nd.
    • Jack: Completed research on desktop cameras and wrote two pages of rough draft.
    • Joan: Completed research on software, wrote two pages of rough draft, and took rough draft to writing center with Jack.
    • Karen: Completed research on microphones, wrote two pages of rough draft, and contacted Robin with Arrow Electronics for more information and suggestions.
    • All members: Held meeting on Sunday, February 12, reviewed each member's two pages, brought all pages together in a rough draft, reviewed report guidelines and identified pieces of the report that are still missing.

Action Items To Be Completed: Each member has now been assigned these tasks: 

Karen Interview software users March 1st
Carol Get product specifications from vendors March 1st
Jack Add info from Karen & Carol, then take paper to writing center  March 1st
Joan Fine-tune the rough draft for final printing March 1st


Anticipated Problems: Our progress is still on schedule.  However, we anticipate difficulty in cohesively bringing together the two pages each team member has written for the rough draft. We will overcome this problem through careful proofreading, revising and editing along with help from the writing center. 

By February 20, you will have another updated progress report from our team.  If you would like further information, please contact us via e-mail. 

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