Latin Dictionaries and Glossaries

I. General Guides

Sidwell, Keith C., Reading medieval Latin. Cambridge-New York: Cambridge University Press 1995.

K. Strecker, Introduction to Medieval Latin. Translated and revised by R. B. Palmer. Berlin, 1957.

M. McGuire, Introduction to Mediaeval Latin Studies. A Syllabus and Bibliographical Guide. Washington, D.C., 1964.

II. Classical Latin

Thesaurus lingua latinae. Leipzig, 1900- . (to vol. 10, 1996, pro-)

E. Forcellini and V. de Vit, Totius latinitatis lexicon. 5th edn. Padua, 1858-1887. 10 volumes.

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Oxford Latin Dictionary. Oxford, 1968-1982.

III. Later or Vulgar Latin

A. Souter, A Glossary of Later Latin to 600 A.D. Oxford, 1949.

A. Blaise, Dictionnaire latin-française des auteurs chrétiens. Strasbourg, 1954.

IV. Medieval Latin

G. Goetz, Corpus Glossariorum Latinorum. Leipzig, 1888-1923. 7 vols.

Ch. du Fresne, Seigneur du Cange, Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infimae latinitatis. Paris, 1678. 3 volumes.

Enlarged by: Benedictines of Paris, 1733-1736, 6 volumes; Dom Carpentier, Paris, 1766, 10 volumes; G. A. L. Henschel, Paris, 1840-1850, 7 volumes; L. Faure, Niort, 1883-1887, 10 volumes. Index scriptorum in volume 10.

F. Blatt, Novum glossarium mediae latinitatis ab anno DCCC usque ad annum MCC. Copenhagen, 1957- . (Published to date: Index scriptorum and L-Passerulus) Latin to 1200; Latin to French vernacular.

Archivum latinitatis medii aevi (also known as ALMA or Bulletin du Change). Paris, 1924- . Index v. 1-25 in vol. 25 (1955).

Mittellateinisches Wörterbuch bis zum ausgehenden 13 Jahrhundert. (Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Deutsches Akademie zu Berlin.) Munich, 1959- . (Published to date: Index scriptorum, a-contradictorius.) Latin to 1300; Latin to German vernacular.

J. F. Niermeyer, Mediae latinitatis lexicon minus. Leiden, 1954-1976. Latin to 1400; to French, Flemish, English vernaculars.

Good for the terminology of economic and agrarian history of Western Europe.

V. National Glossaries

There are medieval latin glossaries compiled from national texts of the following countries: Italy, Finland, Sweden, Catalonia, Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, and Poland. For Britian these include:

R. E. Latham, Revised Medieval Latin Word List from British and Irish Sources. London, 1965. Latin to 1500; to English vernacular.

R. E. Latham, Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources. London, 1975- . Published to date: A-H.

VI. Subject Glossaries

E. Brinckmeier, Glossarium diplomaticum . . . des gesamten deutschen Mittelalters. . . . Hamburg, 1856.

P. R. Michaud-Quantin, Études sur le vocabulaire philosophique du Moyen Age. Rome, 1970.

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