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Non-Major Undergraduate Enrollment Information and Form

Non-major undergraduate enrollment opens 4 weeks prior to the start date of our courses. Online enrollment requests for non-majors will only be accepted during that 4-week time period.


What if I need to drop a Liberal Studies course?
8-week courses have a one week free drop period. Students may drop a course any time prior to the course start date or any time before 5pm Friday during the first week of the course. To drop a course, please email a CLS advisor

What if the Liberal Studies course I want to take is full?
CLS courses do not have a waitlist function. A CLS advisor can add the enrollment permission so that you can enroll should a spot become available. However, you will need to keep an eye on the schedule to watch for an opening. Closed course permissions are reserved for Liberal Studies majors only, so even with professor permission a CLS advisor cannot add you to a closed course.

How does this class fit into my degree?

Students should consult with their academic advisor before enrolling in any course outside of their major. Your advisor will be able to tell you if the course you want can be used in your degree.

Do I need a math placement test in order to enroll in LSTD 1053, Mathematics in Liberal Studies?

Non-major enrollment requests for LSTD 1053, Mathematics in Liberal Studies, will be checked for appropriate math placement and may be denied if a developmental math course is needed. Students who have questions about math placement should consult with their assigned advisor or contact the Developmental Math Program at (405) 325-5101.

Why do non-majors have to wait to enroll?
The College of Liberal Studies specializes in online degree programs for adult students who otherwise may not have access to campus. Many of our students live out of state or outside the U.S. and they rely on online course availability to complete their degree. Because of this, CLS offers them priority registration. Students from outside the College of Liberal Studies have access to the full range of OU course offerings, however, and are not eligible for priority registration.