What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies?

Will this degree further my career, help me change careers, or get a better job?

The BA LS was not designed as a vocational degree. Instead, it was created as a life-enhancing educational degree. Many graduates report receiving pay raises and promotions as a result of their BA LS degree, but more importantly, most graduates report significant and positive life changes as a result of their BA LS education.

In a rapidly changing world, interdisciplinary education is essential to meet the personal needs of an individual as well as the needs of society. Individuals literally face constant erosion or obsolescence of their technical or professional education. Moreover, on a broader level, individuals also seek unspecialized knowledge that helps lead them to solutions of central problems that relate to their personal growth and to the preservation and enhancement of the free society. Interdisciplinary education and specialized professional or technical education complement each other as they serve the unified, integrated individual. Interdisciplinary education gives meaning, provides motivation and purpose, and lends a critical perspective that enables the specialist to adapt his competence to a changing world. Specialization and interdisciplinary education make up two ends of an educational continuum. Because it serves broad objectives and purposes, interdisciplinary education tends to be more adaptable. Interdisciplinary education assists the individual in understanding and solving personal problems, helps preserve and enhance a free society, and integrates isolated bodies of factual information into some sense of unity and thus facilitates decision-making and problem solving. The incredible volume of sources created by the explosion of knowledge demand that the individual select, synthesize, generalize, evaluate, and apply diverse and fragmented learning. Putting all these pieces together is the work of interdisciplinary education, for interdisciplinary education regards knowledge as a unified whole.

Other careers for Liberal Studies Majors

(Some positions may require additional experience and/or education)

Administrative Assistant
Employment Interviewer
Human Resource Manager
Advertising Agent
Legislative Analyst
Sales Representative
Convention/meeting planner
Admissions Counselor
Insurance agent
Activities Director
Career Guidance Counselor
Customer Service Coordinator/Representative
Loan Officer
Office Manager
University Lecturer
Social Services Administrator/Coordinator/Counselor
Daycare Provider/Teacher
Parole Officer
Student Personnel Worker
Editorial Assistant
College Advisor

Other possible employers:
Courts and correctional institutions
Hotels and Resorts
Non-profit organizations
Retail Companies
Professional Associations
Federal/State Agencies


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