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Feaver-MacMinn Seminar

College of Professional and Continuing Studies Feaver-MacMinn Seminar
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Feaver-MacMinn Seminar

During the Feaver-MacMinn Seminar, students, visiting scholar, and host professor explore a topic in an intensive, five-day format. The host professor and students meet on two Saturday mornings for discussion before the seminar begins. In a post-seminar assignment, students write on the seminar topic, often in relation to their academic major.

Exceptional teachers have certain qualities: curiosity, openness, expressiveness, and approach ideas from multiple perspectives and have a capacity for surprise. Such teachers continue to question their own positions, are enthusiastic about learning, and enjoy sharing.

The function of the Feaver-MacMinn program is to provide interdisciplinary perspectives on human values in disciplines such as humanistic psychology, philosophy, and ethics, and to allow students to grow intellectually while exploring these fields.

Many OU students participate in the Feaver-MacMinn program, and the diversity of their interests creates lively discussions in the classroom and over coffee and lunch gatherings. The OU host professor, experienced in interdisciplinary teaching, promotes an open and stimulating environment for the visiting scholar and students. 

The program is an on-going testament to the value and influence of excellence in teaching.