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College of Professional and Continuing Studies Feaver-MacMinn Seminar
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OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies Feaver-MacMinn Seminar

2013 Host Professor Ralph Beliveau, Ph.D.

Gaylord College of Journalism University of Oklahoma

CLS Ralph Belliveau Feaver-MacMinn Seminar

Dr. Ralph Beliveau teaches in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. His research focuses on documentary theory production and history, critical media literacy and learning, media criticism, film/video studies, popular culture, and rhetorical criticism. He has written about network society, documentary rhetoric, horror media, The Wire, African American biographical documentaries, Alex Cox, Supernatural, Richard Matheson, Paolo Freire and media literacy. At the University of Iowa he completed his Ph.D. and was among the first to complete Iowa's Certificate in the Rhetoric of Inquiry. He received a B.S. in media production from Northwestern University, and has worked in radio, film, and television.

Other areas of expertise include broadcast journalism, popular culture, and rhetoric. He ran an FM radio and cable television program while teaching at a high school on the Southwest side of Chicago, and worked in L.A. in independent film and television production. He served as editor of the Journal of Communication Inquiry, chair of the Cultural and Critical Studies division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, and chaired the Student Documentary area for the Broadcast Education Association.

He also has taught student groups in Edinburgh, London, Paris, Cardiff, and Arezzo. He has taught about British, Scottish, French, and Italian popular and media cultures. He is currently working on a documentary about forensic anthropologist Clyde Snow and social justice, and a documentary about documentary filmmakers.