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College of Liberal Studies students enjoy a unique degree of academic freedom. The CLS curriculum won't force you into courses that don't interest you. Instead, it will remind you at every turn why you wanted a strong liberal arts education.

CLS Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

The College of Liberal Studies offers five graduate degree programs and one graduate certificate program.

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Required Materials

Graduate Education Requirements


  1. To introduce students to a broad range of fields and areas of study within the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.
  2. To help students prepare to become responsible members of society.
  3. To introduce students to the major social, historical, cultural, and intellectual forces that shape the contemporary world.

Students build an intellectual foundation for future pursuits through a fundamental Interdisciplinary Inquiry course, a writing requirement and a foreign-language requirement. The interdisciplinary focus allows students to explore various disciplines in each course or area of study.

CLS Faculty

CLS Faculty

The College of Liberal Studies faculty are leaders in the field of interdisciplinary academics and are focused on their students' success. CLS degree programs are anchored by seven accomplished full-time faculty members and are supported by more than 100 expert adjunct faculty.

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