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Undergraduate FAQ

Your next step is to set up your OU email account.  Your OU email address is the consistent point of contact for all correspondence coming from CLS as well as all OU departments.  Click here to set up your account.

Typically, students complete a total of 30 credit hours per academic year (12-fall, 12-spring, 6-summer). Using this average, a 120-credit-hour degree program can be completed in four years.  If you just have 60 credit hours to complete, you could finish your degree in two years.

The graduation plan you received upon entering our program is your checklist and keeping it up-to-date is the best way to stay informed of your progress and ensure degree completion.

The maximum number of credit hours a student may enroll in one semester is 19.  This breaks down to nine credit hours per 8-week session.  This nine credit hour enrollment limit is applied to the summer term as well. 

Listed with each course section will be the Start and End dates.  Our 8-week sessions tend to carry consistent calendar dates as follows:

Fall        1st 8-weeks:     August – October

Fall        2nd 8-weeks:    October – December

Spring    1st 8-weeks:     January – March

Spring    2nd 8-weeks:    March – May

No, there is only one 8-week summer session offered through CLS during June and July.

You may email the instructor requesting special permission to enroll.  If permission is granted, inform your Academic Advisor and they will provide the necessary closed course permission (override in oZONE) to enroll.

You can always drop courses by using the College of Liberal Studies (CLS) Drop Request Form.  Simply email your Academic Advisor to request this form.

You may contact our College of Liberal Studies Financial Aid office with any financial aid questions at lsaid[at] or (405) 325-2929.

You may contact our Student Waivers & Exemptions office regarding any issues with tuition assistance at sgibson[at] or (405) 325-6942.

Online courses will not have a meeting time or day of the week listed indicating when the course meets.  The two courses listed below show an example of (first) how an online course is listed and then (second) how an onsite course is listed.  Note with the onsite listing a day (R) and time of day (5:30 PM-7:30 PM) are shown:

Enrollment example