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CLS Military Student Resources

The College of Liberal Studies (CLS) at the University of Oklahoma, is a leader in non-traditional education with more than 50 years of experience in combining innovation and flexibility to support the educational needs of our military students worldwide. As a non-profit college, CLS is dedicated to providing service members, and their dependents, a quality education experience through 100% online undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


U.S. News & World Report Best Online Programs Veterans Bachelor's 2017
U.S. News & World Report Best Online Programs Veterans Grad Criminal Justice 2017

Military Tuition Rates

All students desiring military rates must submit evidence of military affiliation during the initial enrollment process.

The following students are eligible for military tuition rates:

  • Active duty military spouses
  • Retired military members and spouses
  • Veterans and spouses
  • Civilian employees and contractors on military installations

Please see the Military Tuition Waiver Information page for further details and application.

Military Tuition Assistance Forms

Students can submit their TA forms here

All military students who are using Military Tuition Assistance (MTA) program must apply for tuition assistance through their specific branch of the service prior to the first day of the class. If you have not applied for MTA prior to the first day of class you may be denied Military Tuition Assistance by your military branch. If you do not have your Tuition Assistance form submitted to the College of Liberal Studies by the last day of add/drop for each term you may be held liable for all tuition and fees. Please note:

  • Each branch of the military has different systems for applying for MTA so please check with your Education Office prior to the start of the term to ensure you have complied with their requirements.
  • You must be enrolled in a College of Liberal Studies course through Ozone before you apply for MTA.

For additional information regarding Military Tuition Assistance, please contact Mackenzie Praytor at mpraytor[at]ou[dot]edu.

Serving Those Who Serve

Staff Dedicated to Your Success

At CLS, we understand the dynamics of being both a student and a service member. That’s why we provide an extensive support system of staff members whose principle focus is to help you succeed academically, professionally, and personally.

Your Student Services Advisor - Your Advocate

Your first line of support is your academic advisor, who functions as your personal advocate for issues related to deployment, program requirements, course materials, university policies, and anything else that may impact your academic experience. If you are a military veteran, you have the added support of our experienced staff who will help you navigate the policies and resources specific to your military status.

Library Research and Resource Support

To help you succeed as an online learner, our dedicated distance-learning librarian and reference staff members provide research assistance via email, phone, and chat.  

Additional Staff Working Together for You

Other key staff members include your Tuition and Support Services Team members, who can guide you through all the up-front processes and details surrounding program admissions, transfer credits, tuition waivers, and financial aid.

For More Information, Contact Us

Future Students Services

Kasey Moore
Military & Law Enforcement Recruiting Specialist

Currently Kasey is serving the United States on active duty with the National Guard. Please contact Missy Heinze if you have questions regarding the degrees as they apply to the Military or Law Enforcement.

Missy Heinze
(405) 325-0559

(800) 522-4389
(405) 325-7132 (fax)


Michelle Shults
Graduate Academic Advisor (A-L)
(405) 325-2928

Lindsey Gunderson
Graduate Academic Advisor (M-Z)
(405) 325-5827

LaDawn Jones
Undergraduate Military Student Advisor A-Z
(405) 325-6421

Support Team

Mackenzie Praytor
Student Accounts Services Specialists
(405) 325-2688

Russ Tresner
Operations Assistant & Military Compliance Coordinator
(405) 325-1250