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The Basics of Online Learning What is Distance Education? Synchronous versus Asynchronous Learning What Makes a Successful Online Student?

The Online Course Experience Learn seven tips to success in online learning.

Five Steps to Success in Online Learning “ School is a challenge, no matter what age. But, factor in work and family – and suddenly it’s a juggling act as well. Online learning has certainly helped add a bit more balance into the life of the working and parenting student, but in some ways it adds to the challenge because – in addition to going back to school – you’re also learning in a completely new medium. Here are the five tips we think will help you make the most of your online learning experience.”

Time Management Seven tips for managing your time to complete online assignments and courses.

Study Tips for the Motivationally-Challenged “A Real World Student writes... My problem is not so much about a lesson like mathematics or something. My problem is concentration. It seems to be impossible for me to get a book and study it. When I get a book, I always find something else to do that is more fun than reading/studying. I wonder, is there anything that can make me study for a period without get distracted or anything? Please help me.”

Seven Rules of Motivation “What it takes to hang in there.”

Stress Management Learn how to minimize and manage stress that you might experience with online learning.

Learning Styles “Different students have different learning styles! In an online course you have a lot of freedom to decide when and where and how you will study - and if you know something about your own learning style preferences, you will be able to make better decisions about your study options. You might want to visit one of these websites to find out more about your learning styles and preferences.”

Identifying Predictors of Academic Persistence in Distance Education “The current study sought to test the theory that locus of control, or the level of self-motivation, is significantly correlated with academic persistence. This study also examined potential changes in locus of control scores over a semester for students who complete an online course.”

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