Self Assessments: Ready for Online Learning?

Online Course Readiness Assessment “The Online Course Readiness Assessment is designed to help you see whether or not an online course is a good idea for you. The Assessment has three separate parts covering Time Management, Technology, and Class Preferences. If you score less than 70 on any part of the Assessment, you should definitely spend some time learning more about what you will be doing when you take an online course to make sure that this is the right choice for you.”

Are distance-learning courses for me? “How well would distance-learning courses fit your circumstances and lifestyle? Circle an answer for each question and score as directed below. Students who tend to be most successful are those individuals who are self-directed and self-motivated in their learning and study habits. Answer honestly;­ no one will see this but you!”

Is Online Learning for You? “Online classes are often very different than traditional face-to-face classes in terms of how the material is presented, the nature of the interaction among class members, and the overall learning experience. Many students report that they actually learn more in online classes than in face-to-face classes and find the experience more rewarding. But online classes aren't right for everyone. Even if you are an excellent student, you may find that online classes are not compatible with your learning style. So, before enrolling in your first online class, give some thought to whether online learning is right for you. Answering the following questions may help you with this process.”

Rate Yourself for Discipline and Motivation “ Distance education providers often tout self-discipline and motivation as top contenders in what makes a successful distance learner. But do you really know how being self-disciplined and motivated works out in real life? The following quiz might help you to determine if you have those qualities that can help or hinder distance education.”

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