Use only OU Email interface for checking OU Email

To: CLS Students
From: Robert Dougherty , IT Director
Subject: Use only OU Email interface for checking OU Email

Effective immediately we are REQUIRING all CLS students to check their OU Email using the OU Email interface only:


In previous semesters we gave students the option of checking their OU email online or forwarding it to the email address of their choice. A circumstance has arisen, however, where some Internet service providers and company email servers are blocking any email coming from the domain. This means you may not be getting some email that is being sent to you from OU.

This is due to SPAM attacks that appear to your Internet service provider or company email server as originating within the OU domain. Users who forward their email to outside accounts may have these forwarded emails refused by your Internet service provider or company email server. OU/IT has no control over your company's or Internet service provider's email rejection criteria. Because the practice of denying email from SPAM sources is relatively new for ISPs and companies, most users who have been successfully forwarding their email to off-campus sites in the past have not been affected until lately. There is no way of knowing when an ISP or company mail server applies this blocking software, thus we are requiring everyone to check their OU email directly from the OU email server, and we are asking you not to forward your OU email to any other email mailbox.

OU Email Checklist

1. Check to see if you are already set up correctly
If you already know for sure that you are checking your email directly from your OU Email Account and not forwarding it to another email address, you do not have to do anything. You are ready to go for the upcoming semester.

2. remove your email forwarding address
If your OU email is being forwarded to another email address please follow these steps to remove it:

3. Testing your OU email account

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