Grading Procedures

It is your responsibility to maintain ongoing communication with your faculty member(s). If you are going to be delayed in submitting unit assignments, you should contact your faculty member to let them know your situation. Faculty members are not obligated to initiate contact with you before assigning final grades. If you have several outstanding or late assignments, your grade may be seriously impacted.

Students in our online courses who do not contact their faculty member, or who fail to submit assignments within four weeks from the beginning of the course, are subject to a grade of "administrative withdrawal." The grade of AW is given for students who never submit work, and who never contact their faculty member. The AW is a permanent grade that does not impact your grade point average. In most circumstances, the AW can not be challenged, and you will be required to retake and repay for the course to receive credit.

The grade of AW may have an impact on your financial aid award, so if you are receiving financial aid, you must make sure you are submitting your assignments in a timely fashion.

Students will submit assignments as directed by the professor. Assignments will be graded, with comments and grades sent directly to the student’s email address. Privacy will be maintained, and student grades will not be publicly posted. This course is letter graded.

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