How to Complete and Submit Your Work

Complete your work as follows

1. Word process your assignments using MS Word or Word Perfect. If you use a different word processing program, let the professor know.
2. Use size 12 Times New Roman or Arial font.
3. Double space your work.
4. Use one inch margins on all sides of each page.
5. Number each page.
6. Include a title page with each assignment that includes

a) Course Title
b) Assignment Title
c) Your Name
d) Date of Submission

7. Use sub-headings to make the organization of your paper clear.
8. Follow APA style guidelines to cite references in the text of your papers and in your reference lists. (See the section that includes resources on the APA style.)
9. Spell and grammar check all of your work.
10. Adhere to the guidelines on plagiarism and academic integrity.
11. Save your assignment with your name and the assignment; e.g., Dawson Unit 1 Bibliography.

Submitting Your Work
Note: How you submit your assignments is determined by each instructor. Your instructor may ask you to email your assignments or to use the drop box in Be sure to check with your instructor for submission directions before turning in your assignments.

Submitting Work via email
If your instructor wants to you submit your assignments via email, use you OU email account and your instructor's OU email account. For more details and instructions on emailing assignments, click here.

Using the Dropbox to Submit Your Work

1. Dropping off a file

a) Find the Drop box tool at the top of the course page and click on it.
b) Choose the appropriate Drop box folder, click on it.
c) Put in the number of files that you will be uploading (generally it will only be one). Click Next.
d) Locate the file on your computer that you would like to upload and click open.
e) Type in a short description or comment about the file.
f) After your file has been selected, click Upload.
g) Some files may take a long time to upload (especially if there are graphics in the file). Be patient!
h) After the upload is complete the File Upload dialog box should appear. See the steps below to verify that your file went through.

2. Did my file get through?

a) Go to the Drop box tool.
b) Click on the History button.
c) All of the assignments that have been submitted will be listed.

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