Helpful Time Management Tips

Remember-It's not how much time you have, it is how well you manage it!

1. Set Goals:
Write down your goals (it's only a wish until you write it down)

2. Avoid Procrastination:
Procrastination is the one time waster of which you have control.

How to keep procrastination under control:

3. Minimize Interruptions:
The average employee is interrupted every 9 minutes. This equals 48 interruptions per day. How to handle interruptions:

4. Manage Your Telephone Time:
The telephone is both a terrific time saver and an insidious thief. Unfortunately, phones are a primary source of interruptions. In fact, 40% of managers spend more than two hours per day on the phone.

How to manage your phone calls:

5. Conquer Paperwork:
You should handle paper only once. Try the TRAF system

Here are some tips on how to TRAF:

6. Plan Shorter and More Effective Meetings:
Meetings can be a big time waster. Before you set up a meeting, evaluate your agenda and determine if the information could be shared more efficiently by distributing it with a routing slip.

If it's necessary to schedule a meeting:

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