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OCCE Model

Our history: The OU College of Liberal Studies

The United States during the mid-20th century was fraught with change. After the unsettling World War II years, the country was begging for a new start and a newfound sense of hope.

CLS Deans

Men with a mission: CLS deans through the years

Meet the deans who have led the College of Liberal Studies over the last 50 years.

CLS Alumni Gourley and Roberts

Leading the way: A look at two pioneering CLS grads

In the span of 50 years, the College of Liberal Studies has impacted the lives of thousands of students.  Each student’s reason for enrolling in the college is unique, and after leaving the CLS nest, many alumni have gone on to accomplish exceptional things.


Celebrating a half-century of excellence

Applauding a milestone: 50th anniversary celebrations

Several events have been planned to honor the College of Liberal Studies’ first five decades.

CLS Associate Dean Martha Banz

Just a small-town girl: Meet Associate Dean Martha Banz

Growing up in rural Kansas can have an effect on a person. The lessons learned here are simple: do what is right. Work hard. Finish what you started. Be grateful.

direct networking

The value of direct networking

Never underestimate the value of utilizing individuals to help you with your job search. The common practice of only searching for potential opportunities on company websites will produce very limited success.

CLS View of the 21st Century

Leadership: A College of Liberal Studies view for the 21st century

Who is the best leader you ever met or read about? Why is this person the best? These are questions we almost always start with when discussing leadership.

CLS Dean James Pappas

The dean's viewpoint

In the recently released film Larry Crowne, Tom Hanks’ character finds himself unexpectedly laid off from his job, primarily because he lacks a college degree. Faced with a newfound but daunting freedom, Crowne enrolls in the local community college.