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Yang Mu: Winner of the 2013 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature

The Newman Prize for Chinese Literature is awarded biennially in recognition of outstanding achievement in prose or poetry that best captures the human condition, and is conferred solely on the basis of literary merit. Any living author writing in Chinese (residing anywhere) is eligible. The Prize consists of $10,000 and a medallion, and may serve to crown a lifetime’s achievement or to direct attention to a developing body of work. An international jury of distinguished experts both nominates the candidates and selects the winner based on a transparent voting process. The first winner of the Newman Prize was Mo Yan (2009), followed by Han Shaogong (2011), and most recently Yang Mu (2013). Hosted by the University of Oklahoma’s Institute for US-China Issues, the Newman Prize is the only award given to Chinese literature outside China and Taiwan. It seeks to promote US-China understanding through a celebration of our common humanity. Founded by Institute Director Peter Gries, the Newman Prize honors Harold J. and Ruth Newman, whose support enabled the creation of OU’s Institute for US-China Issues. The Newmans have also been long-term supporters of the Asia Society, endowing a program there entitled “The Soul of Asia.”

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C. T. Hsia: His Strategies of Reading and Mentorship

Christopher Lupke

B y the time I met C. T. Hsia around 1986, I felt I already knew him, not just knew of him but really knew him. And this was because I had both read his two definitive studies, The Classic Chinese Novel and Modern Chinese Fiction, as well as some other scattered essays, and because I was studying with two other scholars considered to be among his prime disciples: Joseph S. M. Lau and Edward M. Gunn. . .

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