Celebrating the Life of C. T. Hsia

C.T. Hsia
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In this special feature, Chinese Literature Today pays tribute to a scholar whom many regard as the father of modern Chinese literary studies: C. T. Hsia. Dr. Hsia, who passed away on December 29, 2013, at the age of 92, was the first to write a literary history of modern Chinese literature, and through his work he introduced many important writers like Eileen Chang to Western scholars and readers. Dr. Hsia’s masterpiece, A History of Modern Chinese Fiction, is still being taught today, as are many of his other works. While Hsia is perhaps most widely remembered for his critique of Chinese literature for what he called its “obsession with China,” many of his students and friends would likely argue that the most lasting impression Dr. Hsia left on the world came not from his publications but his lively personality. Dr. Hsia was a dynamic human being, a vigorous scholar, and a steadfast friend and mentor to many, and he not only made Chinese literary studies a more cosmopolitan and rigorous field, but left his friends and students with a model of a life well lived. The following remembrances offer readers a little more about the man and his vivacious passion for life and literature.

C.T. Hsia
(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT.) Howard Goldblatt, Dominic Cheung, Hu Jinquan (King Hu), C. T. Hsia, Pai Hsien-yung, Leo Ou-fan Lee, Wai-lim Yip, and Ho Tong at the University of California at Santa Barbara, circa 1980. Photo courtesy of Howard Goldblatt.



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From Chinese Literature Today Vol. 4 No. 1

Current Issue
March 2011 Issue

Table of Contents



  • 6 Ring Flower, by Ge Fei
  • 12 Time in Imagery, by Ge Fei
  • 16 The Psychic Split in Chinese Contemporary Literature: Ge Fei and Zhang Ning in Dialogue, by Zhang Ning
  • 24 Song of Liangzhou, by Ge Fei
  • 29 The Myriad Things Retain Their Mystery for Me, by Jing Wendong

SECTION TWO: Selected Works

  • 32 Reminiscing about My Childhood, by Yang Jiang
  • 36 Five Poems, by Yang Jian

Chinese Literature

  • 39 Whether to Write Classical or Modern Poems: A Speech Given at the Gulangyu, Xiamen Poetry Festival, by Lü Yue
  • 44 Writers’ Exchange, by Sun Yu and Zhang Ning

SECTION FOUR: 2013 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature: Yang Mu (Guest Editor: Michelle Yeh)

  • 48 Introduction to the Newman Prize
  • 50 The Newman Prize for Chinese Literature: Nomination Statement for Yang Mu, by Michelle Yeh
  • 54 The Wellsprings of Poetry in Taiwan, by Yang Mu
  • 56 “Imagine a Symbol in a Dream”: Translating Yang Mu, by Andrea Lingenfelter
  • 64 “Language Is Our Religion”: An Interview with Yang Mu, by Zhai Yueqin
  • 69 Selected Poems, by Yang Mu

SECTION FIVE: Special Feature on Chinese Minority Poetry (Guest Editor: Mark Bende)

SECTION SIX: Special Memorial Feature
for C. T. Hsia


  • 3 Editor’s Note
  • 4 Contributors
  • 128 Chinese Literature in Review
  • 156 Pacific Bridge

ON THE COVER Xiao Wu Ji (detail), by
Chen Fei, 2012


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