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High School Open House

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Bridge Tester
Paper Tower
Egg Drop/Mouse Trap

Registration will ReOpen Fall 2018

Please check back, as we will keep all updated information here.

If you have any questions, please call or email us at: or (405) 325-4490

Open House Rules

The Competition and Scholastic Testing rules for the 2018 Open House will become available when registration goes live

Mouse Trap Car
Engineering Open House Staff

Open House Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register all my students at once?

Yes, we ask you register all your students at the same time.

Are there places to eat lunch nearby?

Yes, the Oklahoma Memorial Union provides plenty of options for lunch. Also additional restaurants are located across the street from the engineering facilities on Campus Corner. 

Can students participate in scholastic exams and design competitions?

Yes, the competitions go from 9AM-1PM, so with proper planning; students can take exams (check schedule for specific testing times) and participate in competitions. 

What supplies are provided?

Supplies are provided for the Miniature Oil Derrick, Paper Tower, and Pipe Rally. These events are timed, and the time spent assembling will be factored into the winners.

Which competitions should my students have their projects completed before arriving to campus?

For the competitions student teams should bring their pre-assembled projects for the Model Bridge, Egg Drop, Ping Pong Ball Launcher, Design Build Fly Glider and Mouse Trap Vehicle.

How many students can make up one team?

Typically, up to 5 students make up one team.

How do I register my student’s competition teams?

Students will register their team prior to beginning their competition event.

Where can students get off/on buses?

In the loading dock behind the Rawl Engineering Practice Facility off Felgar Street.


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Engineering Days Team Project