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Plan an Engineering Experience for Your Students

Kids love to investigate the world around them and the Gallogly College of Engineering knows that engineering is one of the best ways to foster ingenuity and innovation. Therefore, the Gallogly College of Engineering has created the Engineering Experiences program. Our Engineering Experiences offer hands-on learning in a dynamic environment that gets students excited about learning, while supporting classroom instruction.

Who Can Attend?

Our programs are created for pre-K to grade 12 students and are available for class groups, homeschool groups, and community groups. Groups can have a maximum of 60 students.

How Much?

Engineering Experiences are free for student groups.


90 minute to half-day experiences are available from 9:00 a.m. to noon. The more time that you have, the more fun elements that can be scheduled for your Engineering Experience.

You can schedule your specific date through the visitor center. Please allow at least two weeks' notice when planning your event as availability is subject to the OU academic calendar.

What Can I Expect?

Your students will interact with OU Engineering students and staff in hands-on activities and experiments. They will also have opportunities to meet members of competitive engineering teams and student organizations. Finally, your students will receive a tour of the college, including our engineering practice facility, with a brief information session on the College of Engineering. 

How Do I Schedule an Experience?

Engineering Experiences are arranged through the OU Visitor Center. 

Visitor Center

To schedule your visit, you can reach the visitor center by phone or email.
Phone: (405) 325-2151


If you're having any trouble getting started or would like additional guidance in planning your Engineering Experience, contact Director of Recruitment and Outreach, Jackie Foos.



Jackie Foos

Jackie Foos

Phone: (405) 325-3445

"Feel free to call my office if you are having trouble getting started, however, all planning and scheduling will be arranged through the visitors center.

Thank you!"