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Emergency Scholarship

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Emergency Scholarships

In an effort to ensure student success in our college, the Gallogly College of Engineering offers emergency scholarships to help our students in moments of crisis.

In times of crisis, students may be burdened with financial problems due to unforeseen and dire circumstances.  In an effort to support our students, the Gallogly College of Engineering offers an emergency scholarship program to help students minimize the financial burden brought on by an emergency, so they can focus on achieving academic success.

To obtain a emergency scholarship, students fill out the online application available on this site.  Once submitted, our emergency scholarship committee will review the application and our scholarship coordinator will contact the student with the decision.  This process can take up to a week, but we work hard to process these applications as soon as possible.

Due to ongoing situation regarding the Covid-19 outbreak, we are strongly recommending all students suffering from an emergency crisis to apply to Sooners Helping Sooners in addition to filling out an emergency scholarship.  Please visit their website for more information about their program as well as how to apply for a grant

Sooners Helping Sooners

We are also recommending students look into and apply for a grant through the CARES Act.  This is a grant program that will help students affected by Covid-19.  More information about the grant, including eligibility and the application itself can be found on the Student Financial Center website.

CARES Act Grant Program

In order to be eligible for an emergency scholarship, a student must have suffered an unforeseen and dire emergency that has affected their ability to pay for school expenses.  While many circumstances could cause a student to be unable to pay for college, the scholarship is only awarded in what the college defines as an emergency.  An emergency, as defined by the college, includes the following circumstances:

  • Sudden illness or hospitalization
  • Loss of employment, income, or other financial support
  • Major accident
  • Nautral disaster
While this list is not exhaustive, there are a few circumstances that do not constitute an emergency, despite threatening a student's ability to pay their tuition.  These circumstances include:
  • Credit card debt
  • Poor use of financial aid funding
  • Loans to friends and family
  • Poor financial choices
Once again, this list is not exhaustive.  If you believe your emergency is exceptional or it is not included in this section, feel free to submit an application or contact us via email at

To be eligible for an emergency scholarship, you must:

  • Be an engineering student in good standing with the Gallogly College of Engineering
  • Be currently enrolled in classes
  • Continue to be enrolled and complete your degree
  • Suffer from a financial hardship due to a dire and unforeseen circumstance
  • Have discussed your situation with the OU Financial Aid office
  • Have met with a money coach regardding a financial success plan
  • Have talked to the the OU scholarship office about additional scholarship opportunities

While an emergency scholarship is one avenue for students, it is not the only means.  There exist a number of places and programs that work to help those in need.

Sooners Helping Sooners is a grant program on campus that helps students that are suffering from an unforeseen and documented emergency.  Applications are reviewed by their board of faculty, staff, and students, and once a decision is made, they will call the applicant via the phone number provided.

For questions, please call their office at (405)-325-3161 or email their office at  More information, as well as their application can be found on their website.

To apply for a SHS Grant, click here.


OU Food Pantry is a program that helps OU students, faculty, and staff struggling with food insecurity. with free, supplemental food assistance.  Applications are submitted through OrgSync and are completely confidential.  Once approved, users will be able to complete an online shopping form for foodstuff each week they need to utilize the pantry.

For questions, please call their office at (405)-325-2044 or email their office at  More information, as well as their application can be found on their website.

To apply for a the OU Food Pantry, click here.


The University of Oklahoma has been given funds through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Securities Act (CARES Act).  Through this Act, OU has established an emergency grant program to help students dealing with financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These funds are available to all OU students, throughout all OU campuses.

For more information about CARES Act funding, including eligibility and other information, please visit the Student Financial Center website.  For questions, please contact Student Financial Center at (405)-325-9000 or via email at

To apply for CARES Act funding, click here.


To apply for an emergency scholarship, you will need to submit an application to our commitee. Please complete the online form linked below.  Our committee will respond to your application within one week of submission.

Emergency Scholarship Form

For additional questions, contact our scholarship coordinator at