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Sooners on Scholarships

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September 29th - October 2nd
Rawl Engineering Practice Facility

“Because I value the time I spent in the College of Engineering and felt blessed to attend the University of Oklahoma, I want to help other engineering students as they pursue their degree.  Reading these letters of appreciation make me proud to play a small role in that success.”
-T. Merl Hysinger

Sooners on Scholarships is an annual workshop that is hosted by the Gallogly College of Engineering to help our students write thank you letters to our generous donors.  This workshop provides an opportunity for students who have received a scholarship from our college  to write thank you letters to our donors and have those letters edited by our staff, have photos taken, and attached to their letter.

Students that attend the workshop are expected to do the following:

  • All students that receive an engineering scholarship are required to go to this workshop and create, print, and sign a thank you letter.
  • Students are required to use the template to write their letters.
    • A copy of the template can be found here.
  • All students are required to wear business or business casual for their picture.  Clothes may not have logos or graphics.
  • You will need to bring your own laptop to work on your letter and have it edited by our editing team.
  • Students are welcome to come and go throughout the week in order to get their letters done.
  • We highly recommend students attend this workshop earlier in the week to avoid long queues..

The first station is where our students check-in to the workshop.  Here, our volunteers will give students a packet containing information about the donor that is responsible for their scholarship award.

The second station is our photo station.  Students will have their photo taken by our photographer in front of our backdrop.  Students are required to be dressed in business casual for the picture.  We also ask that your clothes contain no logos or graphics.  An example picture can be viewed below.

Once the picture is taken, it is emailed to our staff and inserted into your final letter.

The third station is the editing station.  Students will either write their letters in REPF 200 or on their own and then work with our volunteers to edit their letter's wording, sentence structure, and general flow.  Once the letter has been approved by our editors, it will be sent to our final station in the Leadership Area.

A template of our thank you letter can be found below.  We ask all students participating in the workshop to use this template.

The final station is the Printing and Signing station.  At the printing station, our volunteers will format the letter and add the picture taken at the photo station and then print the letter at the nearby printer.

Once printed, the student will get their letter and take it to our signing station.  Once they have signed the letter, they will turn it in at the final station.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Workshop will be held in the Rawl Engineering Practice Facility building (Lobby, 200, the Leadership Lounge, and Balcony).  It will be held starting on Tuesday, September 29th, and concluding Friday, October 2nd.  It will start each day at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm.

No.  This workshop is come and go. You can get your picture taken and letter edited at different times or days if needed.

However, we do recommend student to come early in the week to avoid longer wait times.

If you received a scholarship from the Gallogly College of Engineering or one of it's academic departments, you will receive an email detailing this event.  If for some reason, you do not receive an email, but you still received an engineering scholarship, you are still expected to attend the workshop.

If you receive a non-engineering scholarship, you do not need to attend this workshop, but you might need to fulfill another requirement outside of this workshop.  Please refer to your email and contact the appropriate organization for more information.

Students that receive a scholarship are required by the college to write thank you letters to our donors.  If a student fails to do this, they will lose their spring and future disbursment(s) from their scholarship. 

If a student is suffering from an emergency, we ask that you email us at  to arrange an accomodation. 

If you are unable to attend the workshop due to studying abroad or participating at a co-op, you will need to email your letter to and attach a professional looking picture (no selfies).

We require all students to use the template provided to ensure that students have the border and heading for their letters.  You do not have to follow the writing guidelines provided on the template if you are confident in your writing abilities.  However, you may be advised by our editors to use the writing guidelines provided on the template if you do not use them.  A copy of the template can be found below.

As we're attaching the picture to your thank you letter that will be sent to your donor, we ask that you wear something that is business or business casual for your picture.  Please do not wear clothes that show a logo or graphic.

If you have already taken a picture at our photo station, you can dress in University appropriate attire if you need to return to the workshop later in the week.

We expect all students that attend the workshop to use a photo from our photo station. 

If you are abroad or in a co-op, you can use a professional looking picture instead.  Please do not use a selfie.

While you are welcome to write your thank you letter in the editing room on your laptop, you are encouraged to write them at your leisure from home or another location.  Having a pre-written letter prior to editing will make the process go faster.

While you have all week to write your letter, we encourage you to write them early and get them edited before the end of the week to avoid longer wait times for each station.  Remember, you must complete your letter before the end of the workshop.

Even if you are an excellent writer, we require students to go through the entire workshop, including editing.  It never hurts to have a fresh pair of eyes read your letter, give constructive feedback, and help you improve your letter.

If you have additional questions or need accomodations, please contact Amber Williams at