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Sponsor Guide

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Sponsor Guide

General Information

The program objective is to produce useful results on an open-ended project to the sponsors' satisfaction within the constraints of time and budget. You will derive several benefits from this partnership with the School of AME at OU.

  • A valuable end product addressing your specific needs
  • An excellent opportunity to tap into the engineering resources at OU
  • Access to creative and enthusiastic students prior to graduation
  • Recognition of your organization as an industrial partner for engineering education at the OU campus.

The three major program elements are illustrated below. The Faculty member advises, coaches and evaluates. The Project Sponsor defines the project goals, reviews the team's actions, and ultimately accepts or rejects the results. The Student Teams learn and perform the tasks to achieve the desired goals.

The sponsor must furnish the cost of materials/supplies needed to build/test the hardware and/or directly supply the needed hardware. In return, the final product is transferred to the sponsor.

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Major Milestones Schedule
TaskDue Date
Project SolicitationAugust - Mid-October 2019
Team/Project Assignments
AME 4163
Thursday, October 31, 2019

Strategic Plan/Team Organization
AME 4163

Mid-November 2019
Plan of Action
AME 4163
Friday, December 13, 2019
Mid-Term Design Review
(Mid-Term Report & Oral Presentation)
Tuesday, March 10 & Thursday, March 12, 2020
Final Design Review (Draft Final Report & Oral Presentation)Tuesday, April 21 & Thursday, April 23, 2020
Final ReportTuesday, April 28, 2020
Poster Fair & Final PrototypeThursday, April 30, 2020
For more information, please contact Dr. Christopher Dalton

Project Identification

Projects in most areas of mechanical engineering, including mechanical design, thermal or fluid systems, control systems, etc.,  are accepted. The successful completion of these projects is as important as the instructional and educational value. The following guidelines are offered to identify a suitable project for the program.

  • Choose a problem that you really want to be solved.
  • Choose a project that emphasizes design, experimental, and hands-on skills.
  • Do not choose a project involving only the collection of published materials.
  • Choose a problem that allows teamwork and offers an opportunity for creativity.
  • Avoid projects involving classified materials.
  • The project scope should be limited to about 1000 person-hours of a senior engineering intern.
  • The project schedule should be limited to about six months (mid-October to April).
  • Seek a project that is not on the critical path of a program with a stringent deadline.
  • Establish concrete, measurable goals.
  • Define how success will be determined.

Technical Liaisons

The role of the technical liaison is critical to realize maximum benefit from your involvement in the program. Please consider the following suggestions:

  • Identify a liaison with relevant technical and business background.
  • Expect the liaison to spend an average of 2 to 4 hours per week on the project.
  • Identify the liaison assignment as a formal part of job responsibilities.
  • Provide the liaison with adequate authority to make timely decisions on the day-to-day project issues.
  • Seek a liaison with a temperament to work with college students.
  • Liaison should understand that his/her role is to support, rather than conduct the investigation.
  • Liaison should provide focus towards the project goals while offering flexibility to accept unanticipated situations during the project.

Project Submission Form

Click here to download the Project Submission Form - Word Document

Click here to download the Project Submission Form - PDF