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Apply to Bioengineering

Below is the information needed about our program and the application process.  Please look it over and afterwards if you have not already submitted your online application, please take a moment to fill it in. 

Students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents should visit the international prospective students page in the Graduate College so that the additional items needed for their application can be sent.

Of particular interest to most applicants is the financial package and availability of housing. Information on both is below. Students who have their own support, often from a fellowship, scholarship, or company sponsorship, are also encouraged to apply. A description of our department and research areas is also in this area of our web pages and we invite you to visit there also.

Financial Support is Available

We offer an excellent financial package that is available for most Bioengineering students. Grants, fellowships, and teaching and research assistantships range from $14,000 to $24,000 per year. Students who have their undergraduate degree in chemistry or similar area may receive assistance beginning at $14,000 per year.

Most of the assistantships include a monthly stipend plus waiver of tuition for the hours applicable toward the degree, plus a waiver of the basic health insurance cost. This waiver is for the full degree, whether M.S. or Ph.D. A student is automatically considered for financial assistance, if they indicated this on the department application form, but not all students admitted may receive financial assistance.

Our tuition costs are figured per credit hour of registration for each semester and based on a resident and non resident system. Each course is for a certain number of credit hours. Oklahoma residents pay the resident portion of tuition plus fees and expenses. Non residents pay both the resident and non resident portion of tuition plus fees and expenses. For example, a first year graduate student with typical enrollment would have tuition and fees costs of around $14,000. This does not include food, housing, or transportation. A full list of the tuition costs and fees is available on the Bursar's office web page. This website also has a link for estimating costs based on hours of enrollment.

Waivers now cover the hours taken that apply toward their degree, both resident and non-resident, plus the basic health care coverage. A first year non resident graduate student taking the typical enrollment of 17 credit hours during the year would receive tuition waivers and health care waivers of around $10,400. Expenses a student typically pays that are not covered by the tuition and health care waivers for a non resident graduate student would include other enrollment fees, books, and parking permit fees, and would be around $4,700 for the year (not including housing).

When comparing various offer packages, look at the package as a whole. Our package includes a stipend plus the waivers. Other schools may offer a higher stipend but students then have to pay tuition from that stipend, leaving less to live on. Cost of living is quite reasonable in Norman and numerous apartments are available within walking distance of the campus, including university apartment complexes.

More information about the tuition waivers is available on the graduate college web pages. Information about the health insurance waiver is available through the office of Human resources web page. The tuition, fees, waivers and regulations are set by the Board of Regents rather than the department or Graduate College.

Qualifications for Admission

Students can apply directly for the Ph.D. degree without already having an M.S. degree. Students applying to our graduate program should have or soon have a degree in Bioengineering or a similar scientific area. Areas of Engineering include Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering.  Other Scientific areas include Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Chemistry or Biology.

Any student who has earned an undergraduate degree or the equivalent from an accredited school and earned at least a 3.00 grade point average (on a 4.00 scale) over the last sixty hours of letter graded undergraduate work may be considered for admission in full standing. The scale used is 4.0 =A, 3.00 = B, 2.00 = C,1.00 = D, and below 1.00 = F.

Applicants who are U.S. citizens and have a GPA greater than 3.0 may be invited to visit the department at our expense. To arrange for this, please contact our office and send us at least a photocopy of your transcript and a completed department application form. A resume is also helpful.

Application Materials

Admissions information and the application for graduate studies are available at the Graduate College Admissions page. The application can be started and returned to for later completion. Be sure to click the "submit" button at the end of the application form, or it will not be entered into the system.

The application includes a place for you to list the names, titles, and e-mail addresses of three people who have agreed to prepare letters of reference for you. The system will allow these three people to reply and send the references online for us to review. Letters of recommendation are most valuable if they are from a research supervisor or professor you have worked closely with. Optional additional materials may also be sent in. A Resume and/or Statement of Purpose can be sent and are also good opportunities in which to include more information about your experience and motivation. Both are helpful in evaluating your application. Please indicate your research interests in the area included. There is also a place on the form to indicate if you are requesting financial assistance.

Please have ready the following information needed for the online application:

All Applicants:

  • The university application form, which will be sent to our department,
  • University application fee, to be paid by credit card or ACH,
  • Official, paper transcript from each college or university attended or currently attending. A description of what is considered an acceptable transcript is given. Instructions are also given on how to send your transcripts.
International students will also need:
  • Financial information to fill in the Confidential Financial Statement portion of the application,
  • TOEFL score or acceptable substitutes. Instructions are given on how to have an official report from ETS or the TOEFL score sent to the university, including section scores.
  • Copy of the name page from your passport.
Paper materials to be added to the application can be scanned and added to the online application. Additionally, original documents can be sent to our department office: The University of Oklahoma Bioengineering Center, 202 W. Boyd, Room B14, Norman, OK 73019, USA.

Items needed by the Graduate Admissions/Graduate College will be forwarded to them.