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Phillips 66 Sponsors CBME Seminar Series

Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering News & Events

Fall 2017 Seminars

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 22 
Welcome for all Graduate Students and Faculty research presentations for new graduate students
Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Aug 29OU lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 26Inorganic Membranes for Energy and Environmental SystemsSeol-Jhin Kim
Oklahoma State University
Oct 3Deciphering surface mediated thermo- and electro- catalytic reactions with in-situ spectroscopies Bingjun Xu
University of Delaware
Oct 17

“Thoretical, experimental, and predictive models for ion removal in electrodialysis and electrodialysis reversal”

“Enhanced activity of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using hydrophobic catalytst in oil/water reaction systems”

Leila Karimi
Postdoctorial Research Associate

Felipe Anaya Saltarin
Doctoral Graduate Student

Oct 24Enhanced bioplastics production through genomicsMichael G. Benton
Lousiana State University
Nov 7Surfactant Science in the Consumer Products IndustryDr. George Smith
Nov 14From Fundamentals to Refinery OptimizationDr. Tushar Choudhary
Phillips 66
Nov 28Modeling Fluid Flow In Induced Fractures In Shale By The Latice Boltzmann Method

Dr. Randy Hazlett

University of Tulsa

Spring 2018 Seminar

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Jan 23  
Jan 30  
Feb 6Bioprivileged Molecules:  A Strategy for Next Generation Chemical Products Brent Shanks
Iowa State
Feb 13  
Feb 20Using surfactants to enhance pulmonary delivery in the treatment of obstructive lung diseasesTodd Przybycien
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 27 Dr Walter Alvarez
Phillips 66
Mar 6Design of Advanced Materials for Membrane SeparationsBenny D. Freeman
UT Austin
Mar 13Converting CO2 using Thermocatalysis and ElectrocatalysisJingguang Chen
Columbia University
Mar 27

Build Your Digital Twin using Computational Fluid-Particle Dynamics: A Noninvasive Tool of Personalized Healthcare for Lung Diseases TreatmentYu Feng
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater OK
April 3
Unraveling and reprogramming self-assembly using DNABenjamin Rogers
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA
April 10Sequence:  Where polymer physics meets polypeptoidsRachel Segalman
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
April 17
Harry G. Fair Lecture
 Joan Brennecke
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas
April 24Diffusion and active motion in spherically confined suspensions: toward a model for intracellular transportRoseanna N Zia