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Phillips 66 Sponsors CBME Seminar Series

Chemical, Biological & Materials Engineering News & Events

Fall 2018 Seminars

Full Seminar Brochure (PDF)

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 21Welcome for all Graduate Students Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Sept 4OU lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 11Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing at Surfaces with Nanostructured TopologyDr. Andrew C. Hillier
Department Chair
Iowa State University
Sept 25Computational Design of Organic Catalysts and PhotocatalysisDr. Charles Musgrave
Department Chair
University of Colorado
Oct 2 CancelledBioprivileged Molecules: A Strategy For Next Generation Chemical ProductsDr. Brent H. Shanks
Iowa State University
Oct 9Fluid Dynamics in the BrainDr. William Olbricht
Cornell University
Oct 16Development of the New Mexico State University Brewery Engineering program of study in Chemical Engineering (NMSBrew)Dr. David Rockstraw
Department Chair
New Mexico State University
Oct 23Industrial Research in Refining Catalysis at Phillips 66Dr Byron Johnson
Senior Principal Engineer
Phillips 66
Bartlesville, OK 
Oct 26Reaction Density Functional Theory and Its Application to Reactions in Aqueous SolutionDr. Shuangliang Zhao
East China University of Science and Technology
Nov. 6Separating Trivalent Lanthanides: Enabling Nuclear Fuel Cycle or Recovery of Valuable Critical Materials?Dr. Bruce Moyer
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Nov 13Surfactant innovation in Laundry ProductsDr. Patrick Stenger
Research & Development Senior Scientist
Proctor & Gamble
Nov 20Multiscale Image-Based simulation of transient PDGF-BB gradient explains how fibroblasts affect each other's directional decisions during ChemotaxisDr. Roman Voronov
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Nov 27Responsive and reconfigurable endoskeletal emulsionsDr. Eric M. Furst
Department Chair
University of Delaware

Spring 2019 Seminar

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Feb 26The Live and Death of Catalysts for Lignin ConversionDr. Carsten Sievers
Associate Professor
Georgia Tech University
Mar 5Nano-Structured Metal Catalysts for High-Temperature ApplicationsDr. John M. Vohs
Department Chair
University of Pennsylania
Mar 12Spacers for Spiral Wound ModulesDr. G. Glenn Lipscomb
Department Chair
University of Toledo
Mar 26TBDDr. Qiuming Yu
University of Washington
Apr 9TBDDr. John Bischof
University of Minnesota
Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Apr 16TBDDr. Vladimir Alvarado
Department Head
University of Wyoming
Apr 23
Harry Fair Lecturer
TBDDr. Matthew Tirrell
Director, Professor and Dean of the Faculty
Institute for Molecular Engineering
University of Chicago