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Crossley, Steven

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Steven P. Crossley

Steven Crossley

Associate Professor
Sam A. Wilson Professor
Roger and Sherry Teigen Presidential Professor

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (2009)
University of Oklahoma
B.S. Chemistry (2004)
Oklahoma City University 

Research Engineer, ConocoPhillips, 6/2009 to 9/2010.
Associate Engineer, ConocoPhillips, 9/2010 to 7/2011.

(405) 325-5930

Crossley Catalysis and Nanomaterials Group Website

Our research focuses on heterogeneous catalysis and nanomaterials synthesis. The overarching goal of each of our projects is to understand the fundamental reason for promising catalytic activity in complex systems. By understanding the structural features of the catalyst and transition states responsible for activity and selectivity, better catalysts may be formulated and used for their appropriate applications. We use a combination of catalyst synthesis, detailed catalyst characterization, and reaction kinetics in our research.

Our current projects center around two classes of catalysts, zeolites and metals supported on reducible oxides. Projects focus on important areas ranging from the production of renewable fuels and chemicals to the activation of hydrocarbons. We also synthesize advanced carbon-based materials for use as catalyst supports and emulsion stabilizers.  Please visit our group webpage to find out more.

Selected Publications

Google Scholar

1.      Experimental and First-Principles Evidence for Interfacial Activity of Ru/TiO2 for the Direct Conversion of m-Cresol to Toluene. Taiwo Omotoso, Byeongjin Baek, Lars C. Grabow, Steven Crossley, ChemCatChem Accepted. doi:10.1002/cctc.201700157, 2017

2.      Hydrogenation of o-cresol on platinum catalyst: Catalytic experiments and first-principles calculations. Yaping Li, Zhimin Liu, Wenhua Xue, Steven P. Crossley, Friederike C. Jentoft, Sanwu Wang, Applied Surface Science  393, 212-220 2017

3.      A Systems-Level Roadmap for Biomass Thermal Fractionation and Catalytic Upgrading Strategies. Jeff Herron, Tyler Vann, Nhung Duong, Daniel Resasco, Steven Crossley, Lance Lobban, Christos Maravelias, Energy Technology, early view doi:10.1002/ente.201600147 2017

4.      Direct carbon-carbon coupling of furanics with acetic acid over Brønsted zeolites. Science Advances Abhishek Gumidyala, Bin Wang, Steven Crossley2, e1601072, 2016

5.      A new finding for carbon nanotubes in polymer blends: Reduction of nanotube breakage during melt mixing. Jiaxi Guo, Nicholas Briggs, Steven Crossley, Brian P. Grady, Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials 0892705716681835, 2016

6.      Selective ketonization of acetic acid over HZSM-5: The importance of acyl species and the influence of water. Abhishek Gumidyala, Tawan Sooknoi, and Steven Crossley, Journal of Catalysis, 340, 76-84, 2016.

7.      C-C Coupling for Biomass-Derived Furanics Upgrading to Chemicals and Fuels. Tuong Bui, Steven Crossley, and Daniel E. Resasco, in Chemicals and Fuels from Bio-Based Building Blocks, 431-494, 2016.

8.      Zeolite-catalysed C–C bond forming reactions for biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals. Daniel E. Resasco, Bin Wang, and Steven Crossley, Catalysis Science & Technology, 6(8), 2543-2559, 2016.

9.      Rapid growth of vertically aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes on a lamellar support. Nicholas Briggs, and Steven Crossley RSC Advances, 5(102), 83945-83952, 2015.

10.   Decoupling HZSM‐5 Catalyst Activity from Deactivation during Upgrading of Pyrolysis Oil Vapors, Shaolong Wan, Christopher Waters, Adam Stevens, Abhishek Gumidyala, Rolf Jentoft, Lance Lobban, Daniel Resasco, Richard Mallinson, and Steven Crossley, ChemSusChem 8, no. 3, 552-559, 2015.

11.   Epitaxial Growth of ZSM-5@ Silicalite-1: A Core–Shell Zeolite Designed with Passivated Surface Acidity, Arian Ghorbanpour, Abhishek Gumidyala, Lars C. Grabow, Steven P. Crossley, and Jeffrey D. Rimer. ACS nano 9, no. 4, 4006-4016, 2015

12.   Implementation of concepts derived from model compound studies in the separation and conversion of bio-oil to fuel, Daniel E. Resasco, and Steven P. Crossley. Catalysis Today 257, 185-199, 2015.

13.   Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes at the Interface of Pickering Emulsions Nicholas M. Briggs, Javen S. Weston, Brian Li, Deepika Venkataramani, Clint P. Aichele, Jeffrey H. Harwell, and Steven P. Crossley. Langmuir 31, no. 48, 13077-13084, 2015

14.   Morphology of polystyrene/poly (methyl methacrylate) blends: Effects of carbon nanotubes aspect ratio and surface modification Guo, Jiaxi, Nicholas Briggs, Steven Crossley, and Brian P. Grady.  AIChE Journal 61, no. 10, 3500-3510, 2015

15.   Gluconic Acid from Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oils: Specialty Chemicals from the Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass. Santhanaraj, Daniel, Marjorie R. Rover, Daniel E. Resasco, Robert C. Brown, and Steven Crossley ChemSusChem 7, no. 11 3132-3137, 2014.

16.   Generation of synergistic sites by thermal treatment of HY zeolite. Evidence from the reaction of hexane isomers, Anh T. To, Rolf E. Jentoft, Walter E. Alvarez, Steven P. Crossley, Daniel E. Resasco. Journal of Catalysis, 317, 11-21, 2014.

17.   Understanding the role of TiO2 crystal structure on the enhanced activity and stability of Ru/TiO2 catalysts for the conversion of lignin-derived oxygenates Taiwo Omotoso, Sunya Boonyasuwat, Steven Crossley, Green Chemistry, 2014,16, 645-652

18.    Ketonization of Carboxylic Acids: Mechanisms, Catalysts, and Implications for Biomass Conversion. Tu N. Pham, Tawan Sooknoi, Steven P. Crossley, Daniel E. Resasco, ACS Catalysis, 3(11), 2456-2473, 2013.

19.   Conversion of Guaiacol over Supported Ru Catalysts, Sunya Boonyasuwat, Taiwo Omotoso, Daniel E. Resasco, Steven P. Crossley, Catalysis Letters 143 (8), 783, 2013.

20.   Direct Conversion of Triglycerides to Olefins and Paraffins over Noble Metal Supported Catalysts, Martina Chiappero, Phuong Thi Mai Do, Steven Crossley, Lance L. Lobban, Daniel E. Resasco, Fuel, 90 (3), 1155-1165, 2011.

21.   Catalytic Conversion of Anisole over HY and HZSM-5 Zeolites in the Presence of Different Hydrocarbon Mixtures, Teerawit Prasomsri, Anh T. To, Steven Crossley, Walter E. Alvarez, Daniel E. Resasco, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 106(1-2), 204-211, 2011.

22.   Solid Nanoparticles that Catalyze Biofuel Upgrade Reactions at the Water/Oil Interface, Steven P. Crossley, Jimmy Faria, Min Shen, Daniel E. Resasco, Science, 327, 68-72, 2010.

23.   Etherification of 2-methylpentanal on Supported Palladium Catalysts, Trung Pham, Steven P. Crossley, Tawan Sooknoi, Lance L. Lobban, Daniel E. Resasco, Richard G. Mallinson, Applied Catalysis A: General, 379 (1-2), 135-140, 2010.

24.   Challenges and Opportunities for Catalysis Research in Biofuel Refining, Daniel E. Resasco, Steven Crossley, AIChE CEP, 105(5), 11, 2009.

25.   Molecular Engineering Approach in the Selection of Catalytic Strategies for Upgrading of Biofuels, Daniel E. Resasco, Steven P. Crossley, AIChE Journal, 55(5), 1082-1089, 2009.

26.   Activity Inhibition By Nitrogen Compounds in the Simultaneous Hydrogenation of Polyaromatic Compounds over NiMo/Al2O3 Catalyst in the Presence of Sulfur, Andrea R. Beltramone, Steven Crossley, Daniel E. Resasco, Tushar Choudhary, and Walter E. Alvarez. Catalysis Letters, 123, 181-185, 2008.

27.   A Novel Micropyrolyis Index (MPI) to Estimate Sooting Tendency of Fuels, Steven P. Crossley, Walter E. Alvarez, Daniel E. Resasco. Energy and Fuels, 22(4), 2455-2464, 2008.

28.   Catalytic Strategies for Improving Specific Fuel Properties, Phuong Do, Steven Crossley, Malee Santikunaporn, and Daniel E. Resasco, Catalysis (Special Periodical Reports) Royal Society of Chemistry, 20, 33-64, 2007