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Nollert, Matthias

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Matthias U. Nollert

Matthias Nollert

Associate Professor


Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (1987)
Cornell University 
B.S. Chemical Engineering (1981)
University of Virginia

Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice University (1987-91)

(405) 325-4366

Our research in the area of biomedical engineering seeks to understand the role of fluid mechanics in modulating the biology of blood cells and the cells of the blood vessel wall. There is good evidence that changes in blood flow characteristics may lead to the development of vascular disease. Only by studying vascular cells in a flowing system that closely mimics the environment found in the blood vessels can we understand how these cells behave in the body and why vascular disease occurs.

We are currently examining alterations in protein production in blood vessel wall cells that are exposed to fluid flow. We are also investigating how the response of cells to certain hormones may change if the cells are exposed to flow. In collaboration with investigators at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences center, we are looking at the influence of fluid mechanics on the interaction between white blood cells and the blood vessel wall. These studies will determine the molecular mechanism of this interaction and may indicate new approaches for the development of drugs to prevent an inappropriate immune response.

Selected Publications

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