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Welcome to PolySEL

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The focus of our research is polymeric and bio-based materials, nanotechnology, surface and interface engineering, and transport modeling. Central to this research program in polymer and surface engineering is the design of well-defined molecules including chemical functionality and molecular architecture. Our group performs fundamental research activities in polymer and particle synthesis, surface and interface modification, grafting chemistry, and material characterization. Applications involving our polymer and nano-materials has included energy, water remediation, drug delivery, and advanced separations/sensing.

Polysel Research Trio

Current Research Projects

  • Stimuli-responsive polymers 
  • Microsensor technologies
  • Synthesis and surface modification of bioplastics
  • Modeling of lung-particulate interactions 
  • Pyrolysis oil characterization, aging and filtration studies
  • Drug delivery using polymers and polymer-grafted nano-particles
Keisha Walters
Keisha Walters
Conoco Dupont Professor

Email: Dr. Walters
P: 405-325-0465
F: 405-325-5813

Sarkeys Energy Center, Room T313