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$1.6 Million Grant Allows Professor to Pursue Water Cleanup Goals




Dr. Robert Nairn, WaTER Center Associate Director, received a grant from the State of Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality to continue his successful water cleanup efforts in northeast Oklahoma.  For more details, read on.

Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe - Her Humanitarian Quest

Speaking for those who cannot


Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, one of Time Magazines most influential people(pdf) of 2014, is on a healing quest. This dedicated nun is travelling the globe to raise awareness and assistance for young women and children who have suffered unspeakable horrors and atrocities during the past war in Uganda. Now, by bringing their story to light, Sister Rosemary is attempting to restore their rightful dignity, independence and social acceptance; she is helping them heal.

This humanitarian campaign is drawing the attention of the media, influential individuals and global community partnerships as they join together in increasing numbers to offer support. The WaTER Center is proud to join in these numbers to assist in telling Sister Rosemary’s inspirational story. Her experiences have been recorded in the book Sewing Hope , and have also been produced as a feature documentary. To learn more about this amazing woman, read on.

ARRC Specialty Series and WaTER Center Seminar




Emmanouil Anagnostou, Ph.D., Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the inter‐disciplinary Environmental Engineering Program at the
University of Connecticut presented his abstract "Advancing Precipitation Remote Sensing Techniques over Complex Terrain for Flood Modeling”(pdf) was held May 8 at the National Weather Center.  

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