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Minor in Computer Science

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Minor in Computer Science

A minor in computer science will consist of a minimum of eighteen credits of computer science courses including CS 2413, and at least six credits in upper division courses (3000 level or 4000 level). 

Math 2513 is counted as a computer science course.  A grade of C is required in all courses that are applied to the minor and in all prerequisite courses for the minor. Courses in the minor may be taken at most three times. At least nine credits in the minor must be taken at the University of Oklahoma.
An example student schedule, which would satisfy the requirements for the minor, is given in the table below. Courses listed in italics satisfy the requirement for upper division courses. There are many other possible combinations for upper division course selections.

Course Title Prerequisites
CS 1323
Introduction to Programming
Math 1523 or equivalent
CS 2334
Programming Structures & Abstractions
CS 1323, Math 1823
CS 2413
Data Structures
CS 2334 & (CS 2813 or Math 2513)
Math 2513   Discrete MathematicsMath 2423 (either as a prerequisite or concurrently)
CS 3053
Human Computer Interaction
CS 2413
CS 3323
Programming Languages
CS 2413

The example schedule above contains nineteen credits of computer science classes, and this number of credits will typically be required to complete the minor. Students who transfer introductory computer programming courses from other institutions sometimes earned only three credits in their previous coursework. In such cases, the minor's minimal requirement of eighteen computer science credits is sufficient to complete the minor. Students with significant prior programming experience are encouraged to take departmental advanced standing examinations available in computer science: (

Some computer science classes require students to have a laptop computer in order to enroll and complete the class.

Students who wish to pursue a minor in computer science are strongly encouraged to check their proposed program with either the Williams Student Services Center for the College of Engineering (325-4096, Felgar Hall, rm. 112) or Dr. Deborah A. Trytten (325-4299, Devon Energy Hall, room 252).


Sample Minors in Computer Science for Meteorology Majors:

Minor in CS with a Concentration in Knowledge Discovery:

 CS 1323Introduction to Programming Math 1523 or equivalent 
 CS 2334Programming Structures and Abstractions
CS 1323 
 CS 2413Data StructuresCS 2334 & CS 2813 or Math 2513 as a prerequisite or concurrently)

 CS 2813 


Math 2513

Discrete Structures

Discrete Mathematics

Math 2423 (as a prerequisite or concurrently)
 CS 4513Database Management SystemsCS 2413 and senior standing 
 CS 4013Artificial Intelligence CS 2413