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Graduate Certificate

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Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate classes are offered on-campus, online, or a combination to best suit your needs.  Students can begin the program in Summer (June), Spring (January) or Fall (August).  A student who is admitted to a graduate degree program is not automatically granted admission to associated graduate certificate programs (including embedded certificates). 

Students admitted solely to graduate certificate programs:

  • are not candidates for a degree
  • are not assured future admission to a degree program
  • are not eligible for financial aid
  • are limited to the maximum number of hours required for the graduate certificate

Current OU students looking to ADD the DSA Certificate please note:

  1. You must apply BEFORE completing all required credit hours.  Certificates are not awarded retroactively
  2. Electives must be approved by the DSA office
  3. A maximum of 6 credit hours can be shared from your graduate degree to the certificate

Program Prerequisites

The Graduate Certificate has the following prerequisites for admission, which must be completed before applying:

  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Linear Algebra
  • Two semesters, or a year, of high language programming 


Once you have completed the prerequisites you can complete the Graduate Admission application.  This requires:

  • A completed Bachelor's degree with a 3.0 GPA
  • Official transcripts (all)
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Three letters of recommendation

Please note that International students have an application deadline and may require English Proficiency documentation, please visit the International Student page for details.

Program Structure

The Graduate Certificate requires 15 credit hours, with 6-8 credit hours of core course work, and 7-9 credit hours of elective courses from DSA, ISE or CS.  For more information about certificate programs visit the Graduate College website.

Below is the certificate structure:

Cost and Funding

Starting in Fall 2018, students enrolled in the online DSA program, regardless of residency, are charged $985 per credit hour. The total cost of the entire 33 credit hour Master of Science degree is $32,500. The total cost of the entire 15 credit Graduate Certificate is $14,775.  This cost is based on current rates and is not a guarantee of future costs.

Visit the Bursar's Website for more information.