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Dual Degree

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OU students

Dual Degree

Dual degree programs allow students to pursue degrees simultaneously in two fields of study. To obtain a dual degree, the student must satisfy the admission, course, and examination requirements of BOTH programs.

Current OU students can now add a dual degree late in their program with the approval of both departments.  However, the student still must graduate with both degrees in the same semester.  If they add a dual degree towards the end of their first program, they will have to push the graduation date of that program until they are able to finish the second. 


  1. All deficiencies must be completed and all degree requirements, including research tools, foreign languages, non-thesis examination and thesis, must be met for both programs.
  2. Up to 20 percent of the total graduate credit hours required for both degrees taken individually may be counted as credit for both programs, with approval.
  3. The double-counted courses must be appropriate, and approved, for each degree.
  4. The student must graduate with both degrees in the same semester.


For admission to the Data Science and Analytics degree students must have completed the following prerequisites:

  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Linear Algebra
  • Two semesters, or a year, of high level programming 

A student who is currently enrolled in the Graduate College and wishes to change the major area of interest or degree program must apply by completing the online Addition or Change of Program application through the Office of Graduate Admissions website. 

International students must be aware they cannot change their program in their first semester.

For more information about Dual Degree options please visit the Graduate College website.

Cost and Funding

Starting in Fall 2018, students enrolled in the online DSA program, regardless of residency, are charged $985 per credit hour. The total cost of the entire 33 credit hour Master of Science degree is $32,500. The total cost of the entire 15 credit Graduate Certificate is $14,775.  This cost is based on current rates and is not a guarantee of future costs.

Visit the Bursar's Website for more information.

Visit the Graduate College Website for more information.