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Felgar Society

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The J. H. Felgar Society

The J.H. Felgar Society is a community of Gallogly College of Engineering alumni and friends dedicated to the college’s vision of educating engineers.

By making new, five-year commitments to the discretionary funds of the college and its schools and programs, Felgar Society members provide the dean and school directors with funds necessary to take advantage of strategic opportunities that would otherwise go unfunded.

In our pursuit of excellence, Felgar Society discretionary funds are increasingly vital to the Gallogly College of Engineering. The Felgar Society directly impacts the college in a variety of meaningful ways.

Download the J.H. Felgar Society brochure to learn more.


Membership to the J.H. Felgar Society is open to alumni and friends actively contributing $2,500 annually for five years, or who have made a one-time investment to the college of at least $25,000. Previous contributions to the college are credited toward membership requirements. Individuals making planned investments by will or trust also qualify for membership.

1. This form will allow you to designate how you want your gift distributed:

  • ALL to the College
  • HALF to the College and HALF to a School
  • ALL to a School

2. This form will allow you to select options on how you want to fulfill your five-year commitment.
3. This form will direct you to the OU Foundation to enter your payment information.


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