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Design and Manufacturing

The main areas of interest in manufacturing research focus on process tribology and shape engineering. Tribology research examines new techniques, including adaptive sensing, tolerances, process planning, fixturing, and NC path planning, to characterize and measure surfaces. Shape engineering research deals with the creation of  a system's repair or replacement parts by rediscovering principles of the device or system's operation and includes aerospace and biomedical applications. Applications are found in maintenance, repair, and overhaul of large-scale systems as well as biomanufacturing and tissue engineering. Other areas of interest in manufacturing include metrology and computer aided design for manufacturing. Effective design reduces the difficulties associated with the product life cycle considerations of sustainability, maintenance, repair and overhaul. Our focus is on the simulation-based design of large-scale systems. Engineering design research incorporates uncertainty and collaboration into the engineering design process, and recent research has integrated materials design into traditional functional design.

Centers and Laboratories

The Center for Shape Engineering for Advanced Manufacturing (SEAM) seeks to enhance maintenance, repair, and overhaul research and application through the use of digitally enabled, cutting-edge technologies for shape engineering and rapid manufacturing.

Recent Theses and Dissertations

"Input-Output Modeling of Material Flows in Industry," advised by Janet Allen

"Effects of Cutting Parameters and Material Effects on the Interface Friction in Machining," advised by Shivakumar Raman

"Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Porous Titanium Implants Using Electron Beam Melting for Craniofacial Applications," advised by Shivakumar Raman and Binil Starly

"Measuring Oxygen Uptake Rates of Human Liver Cells Using a Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensor," advised by Binil Starly